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Social Media Marketing Mentors

Data Science

Data science is popularly used in growth to uncover commonalities between types of users that are either successful or unsuccessful with a product.

Customer Success

Learn how others structure their customer success teams and get inspired to make changes that put your customers first.


For whatever reason, you're bootstrapped. Embrace it. Learn from those that have bootstrapped to profitability.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Most of your competitors are obsessing over acquisition (traffic). The lowest lying fruit is always conversion rate optimization.

Content Marketing

Get a fresh perspective on your content marketing strategy from and get inspired. It's your spark plug of fresh new ideas on the fly.

Design / UX

Design is functional. It solves problems. And guess what? It's something you can learn. Hack that learning curve today with a design mentor.

Growth Hacking

There's a lot of buzz surrounding "growth hacking." Cut directly through the noise and see what it really means to be a growth hacker.

Growth Mindset Coaching

Learn the mental models used by successful founders that helped them stay disciplined during periods of high-stress.

Link Building

Links makes google go round. You need them badly to rank. Get advice on how to score them from experienced link builders.

Marketing Automation

Which tools to use? How to setup the workflows? Get advice on how to bring some sanity to your Marktech stack with a mentor.


Outbound sales is the most cost effective way to get early traction. Get advice on how to scale it without harming your brand.


Make the most out of your paid ads by talking to experts with years experience on all the big PPC platforms. Avoid expensive mistakes.

Product Management

Get feedback on product decisions and roadmaps from experienced product managers. Make something people want.

Product Market Fit

Have product-market fit yet? If not, get help improving your product marketing by clarifying the value proposition!


Spending hours watching SEO courses and reading SEO blog posts? Talking to an expert that's "been there done that."

Startup Funding

Don't make expensive mistakes without getting a second opinion. Talk with experts that have experience dealing with raising funds.

Product Launches

Get advice on avoiding costly mistakes and build buzz when it comes time to launching your product to market.

Idea Validation

Do you have a startup idea but aren't sure whether to pursue it or not? Speaking to a growth mentor can help you figure out how to best validate your idea.

Go to Market Strategy

If you feel like your go-to-market strategy isn't realistic or perhaps not potent enough to help you achieve competitive advantage in your space, how about we take a look?

Remote Work

COVID-19 is currently forcing the world to learn how to work remotely. For some, this is easier said than done. Get help making the transition.


OKRs (objectives and key results) is a powerful framework to manage growth teams and is used by many of the growth mentors.

No Code

Although Nocode tools have indeed made it possible for non-developers to make technical products, it's easier said than done.

Pricing Strategy

Startups spend on average 6 hours in their lifetime optimizing their pricing. We think that's completely insane.

Growth Marketing

Being a growth marketer is tough. Soft skills, tech skills, organizational skills, aaarghh! It can all seem overwhelming at times.

Product Analytics

Product Analytics is all about fully understanding how users engage with your product. If you need advice on choosing between tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, or more zoom out analytics strategies, we can help.


Looking for general startup advice? Check out some of our featured startup experts. Get a second perspective and leverage "been there done that" advice to reduce risk of expensive mistakes.


Trying to break into copywriting? Learn the 'tricks of the trade' world-class copywriters use and growth hack your learning curve.

Jobs to be done

Learn how other expert marketers use the JTBD framework to understand their target persona's needs in order to improve positioning

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