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Marcos Bravo Founder at The Waterlemon
"This shoutout is defo overdue as they gave me the wings to take off with this new adventure called The Waterlemon. A huge initiative that is only getting better. Check them out if you need a mentor, a chat, or validation of your ideas."
December 2022
JP Bisson Founder at
"I'm an experienced tech CEO with 2 exits and I'm getting a lot of value already from the platform and community. The mentors and management are thoughtful, helpful and very knowledgeable. This isn't a fluffy community of wannabes. If you're serious about scaling your company (be it tech or otherwise) I think you will gain valuable insight from joining."
September 2021
Alisa Chalakhyan Entrepreneur in Residence at SmartClick
"There is nothing more intellectually stimulating than speaking with and surrounding yourself with people of different views and opinions. It is a challenging experience, but it is what makes you see things you never did before. No matter if you are the mentor or mentee, you ALWAYS learn on those short 30-minute calls."
January 2023
Eddie Eastman CEO at Startupstreams
🍞 The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Can you imagine having unlimited business mentorship with some of the top business professionals in the world? Imagine the sort of unfair advantage that would give you and your business; receiving advice from employees from companies like Uber, PayPal, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Shopify?"
April 2022
Nils Nilsson Founder at Code & Beans
"Incredible platform that will make you and your business grow! Incredible platform that wins over 99% of the "guru platforms" out there. And at a price level that makes it a no-brainer to join..."
January 2023
Rebecca Griggs Growth Manager at Unplugged
"What a week...and it's only Thursday I've had the privilege of speaking with 4 very knowledgable mentors from GrowthMentor this week Here are my takeaways: 1. Focus (avoid the 🐰 hole) 2. Test...and don't be afraid of failing 3. Imposter syndrome is real. Navigate it in a way to encourage learning rather than fear to move forward Thank you for your guidance Lisa Kennelly, Ronak G., Yvo Wander (王义伟) & Daphne Tideman"
November 2022
Nuno Pereira Demand Generation Lead at SalesImpact
"If there is one community that has saved my as* plenty of times, it would have to be GrowthMentor. For someone like me who isn't a specialist and faces a wide range of challenges, being able to book calls with deep specialists to exchange ideas and ensure I'm on the right track is extremely helpful."
January 2023
Carlos Terol Founder at Good Ripple
"GrowthMentor is the best platform for founders wanting to grow, learn, and take their startups to the next level. I've been using GrowthMentor for over a year now for a couple of my startups and I can say that the value I've received from it it's truly awesome! Thanks Foti and the rest of the team for creating an amazing place to learn, grow and network!"
October 2022

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Nobody's an expert at everything, and that's ok!

Thousands of founders and marketers are using mentors to skip the trial & error.

Andrea Nagar
Founder at
Katerina Bojkov
Growth at
Benjamin Webster
Founder at
Angela Ferrrante
Founder at
Cary Hastings
Head of Content at
Damon Lye
Damon Lye
CMO at
Edwin Plotts
Director of Marketing
Eyram Adjogatse
Founder at
Felicity Simpson
Head of Marketing at
Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing at
Joe Schaeppi
Founder at
Joyce Lee
Product Lead at
Lucia Piseddu
Founder at
Allison Kelly
Growth Strategist at
Mike Duda
Founder at
Oskar Johnston
CEO at
Robert Hua
Growth Marketing Lead at
Shannon Limary
Growth Marketing Lead at
Sophia Benhaddou
CEO at
Tela Andrews
Founder at
Maddie Taylor
Marketing & Content Lead at
Mikhail Larionov
Founder at
Luise Räuchle
Product Owner at

Still have questions?

Simple answer

Because they are nice people.

Extended answer

  • They genuinely enjoy helping.
  • They want to share their experiences and help others learn from them.
  • Sharing their experiences, wins and failures can truly change the trajectory of someone else’s path.
  • It keeps them on their toes. No better way to sharpen your skills than to teach someone else!
  • Speaking with up-and-coming businesses is fun and exciting!
  • Growth Mentors have a growth mindset and are looking to learn in each and every situation- including mentoring sessions.
  • They are new to the platform. New mentors are asked to do some free sessions, in the beginning, to get their feet wet and get a feel for the platform.
  • They want to build up reviews. They know they can add value and help people, so why should they be at the bottom of the list?!

Watch this video to learn more.


We do have a “three in the queue” policy which encourages mindful booking.   But once you complete one call, you can book another one if you so wish.

Please note that for mentors that charge for their time, there is no limit on how many you can book at once.

Browse mentors giving their sessions for free

What we look for:

  • At least 5 years of demonstrable experience working in growth.
  • Ability to listen actively, empathize, and put themselves in their mentees shoes.
  • An attitude that says I really love what I do and I’m here to help you with your problems.
  • Ability to carry a conversation effectively over a digital audio or video conferencing tool.
  • Working experience in the categories of mentorship that you wish to provide on the platform.
  • One of our core values is intellectual humility and this is a characteristic that all of our mentors should embody.
  • GrowthMentor is a give first platform. You should be cool with mentoring for free until you have three reviews.

Learn more

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

We’re proud to be a thoroughly international community.

Full disclaimer- there are no silver bullets for Growth, so we can’t make any false promises.

If you have a growth mindset and are looking to connect with various experienced individuals and learn from them, you will get value from this platform.

We have a great filtering system and you can also post a help request for the mentors to apply to you.

We are always around on live chat to help you with your selection as well.

We believe in Active Learning.

Reading blogs and watching courses fall into the passive learning category. You are consuming the knowledge, but most of the time that new info just sits in your brain and is then forgotten.

By speaking things through with someone else, it reinforces the topic and you are way more likely to follow through and actually implement it after a conversation.

Problem solving out-loud FTW!

PLUS!  Every case is individual and deserves personalized advice.

Yes. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 14 days and contact support for a full refund. Note that refunds are not possible if you’ve scheduled any calls or have breached our terms of service.


Many of our members get their companies to sponsor membership for them as part of their learning and development budget.

Here are a few templates you can modify that should help you convince your boss to invest in your (and subsequently their) growth.

There’s no catch.

Join the community

Enjoy the peace of mind that advice is always only one Zoom call away.