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The “old” way of finding growth and startup advice is broken

Blog posts and courses are useful, but at the end of the day, they can’t give you personalized advice

Relying on trial and error is the fast track towards making costly mistakes

Social media groups are abundant with either contradicting opinions, or thirsty sales pitches

Consultants and coaches are expensive and can only give you the viewpoint of only one person

What if you could tap into the experience of 400+ startup and marketing mentors?

Receive instant answers to your unique business questions

Get personalized guidance with setting up or using popular tools

Gain fresh insights and feedback tailored for your startup

Enjoy the peace of mind that advice is always only one Zoom call away

No more second-guessing every decision you need to make

400+ Growth Mentors are only a message away from helping you out with your struggles. 100% genuine advice. 100% tailored to you. No pre-recorded BS.

1,500+ people use GrowthMentor to skip the trial and error. It’s about time you joined them

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A growth mentor can help with that

Get support, feedback, and guidance from mentors who have “been there, done that” more than once.
Here’s who GrowthMentor isn’t for
  • Silver bullet chasers
  • People not willing to put in the work
  • Anyone who thinks they know it all
  • Those searching for "passive income"

All GrowthMentors are in the top 3% of their industries – and that’s not a cliché.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you become a member, you can filter the mentors by numerous categories OR post a help request with your issue and they apply to help.

We have an in-app scheduling system that you’ll use request the session and once they approve it, you meet via Zoom, Skype or Hangouts.


Booking a call in under a minute

  • Direct access to schedule 1:1 calls with highly skilled, vetted mentors
  • Unlimited calls with mentors listed as FREE
  • Ability to post help requests and have mentors apply to you
  • Ability to opt in for 1:1 monthly coaching packages
  • Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions
  • Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach
  • Membership to private Slack Community


We do have a “three in the queue” policy which encourages mindful booking.   But once you complete one call, you can book another one if you so wish.

Please note that for mentors that charge for their time, there is no limit on how many you can book at once.

Mentors giving their sessions for free

Simple answer

Because they are nice people.

Extended answer

  • They genuinely enjoy helping.
  • They want to share their experiences and help others learn from them. Sharing their experiences, wins and failures can truly change the trajectory of someone else’s path.
  • It keeps them on their toes. No better way to sharpen your skills than to teach someone else!
  • Speaking with up and coming businesses is fun and exciting!
  • Growth Mentors have a growth mindset and are looking to learn in each and every situation- including mentoring sessions.
  • They are new to platform. New mentors are asked to do some free sessions in the beginning to get their feet wet and get a feel for the platform. Only after mentors have 3 reviews can they set a price and charge.

We get this question a lot.

We are very good at weeding out mentor applicants that view this as a lead gen source.

You can rest assured that there is no “catch” or hidden upsell here.

What you get is simply a bunch of friendly startup and marketing mentors that just really enjoy helping people with growth. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can learn more about the mentor vetting process by checking out the FAQ below.

Do you meet the requirements to be a growth mentor?

  • At least 5 years of demonstrable experience working in growth.
  • Ability to listen actively, empathize, and put themselves in their mentees shoes.
  • An attitude that says I really love what I do and I’m here to help you with your problems.
  • Ability to carry a conversation effectively over a digital audio or video conferencing tool.
  • Working experience in the categories of mentorship that you wish to provide on the platform.
  • One of our core values is the growth mindset and this is a mindset that all of our mentors should embody.
  • GrowthMentor is a #givefirst platform. You should be cool with mentoring for free until you have three reviews

If you are interested in requesting an invite to become a growth mentor and meet this criteria, please fill in your email on this page.

If you think you need help, you do

Talk with like-minded experts. Get fresh growth ideas. See the blind spots in your decision-making. And grow like crazy.
What’s included with Membership?
  • Direct access to schedule 1:1 calls
  • Ability to post help requests
  • Opt in for 1:1 monthly coaching packages
  • Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach
  • Unlimited calls with mentors listed as FREE
  • Membership to private Slack Community
  • Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions