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  • The problem
    Feedback and perspectives from highly skilled and experienced professionals in growth are extremely valuable. But for many startups - they are in serious short supply.
  • The challenge
    Successful founders and growth marketers are usually super busy. Getting their attention via cold outreach is hard. Convincing them to mentor you is even harder.
  • The vision
    A community where people from around the world can connect and help each other grow. A community with good karma as its north star metric.
Growth mentors have experience driving growth at some pretty cool companies:
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How a growth mentor can help

Here are some examples where talking to a growth mentor can help
  • If you're starting a career in growth and want mentorship from experienced growth professionals
  • If you frequently double guess your strategic decisions and want a 3rd party perspective
  • If you are way too busy to read countless blogs and want answers to burning questions now
  • If you want advice on how to make a solid go-to-market strategy for your early stage startup
  • If you're confused why your landing page isn't converting and want a realtime CRO audit
  • If you feel burned out and want to share your stress with someone that "gets you"
  • If you're new to Facebook Ads or Google Ads and you want to avoid expensive noob mistakes
  • If you're a remote worker and want an accountability partner to keep you honest

It's like having a board of advisors that you can tap into at any point.

Whether you're lacking confidence or searching for a new way to get things done, jumping on a web call with a growth mentor will help you achieve your goals faster.

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