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Search by your business objectives
Search by your business objectives

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Search by your business objectives
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Need help getting Intercom setup? Want someone to look over your Facebook Ads campaign for another opinion? Create a help request and the right mentors with the experience needed to help you will apply.

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Ask for help with what's bothering you

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever asked, “I wonder how speaking with a growth mentor could actually help me?” — consider that inquisitive case closed. With the help of our mentors and community members, we’ve put together this monster list of GrowthMentor use cases.
We're a bootstrapped startup, so if you support our vision of people helping people grow, you'll be happy to know that this membership fee is what allows us to continue to fund product development. Roughly 1/3 of the mentors are offering their time for free and you'll be able to book up to 5 hours of calls with the. This equates to around $20 per hour for mentorship from some of the most accomplished growth practitioners in the game. This ROI from the $99 membership is off the scales, but only if you've got the growth mindset to put the advice and learnings into action!
We’ve established a comprehensive four-step application process to help us to identify the individuals who will flourish as growth mentors. It’s truly important to us, that mentors at GrowthMentor fully embody our core values of Karma, a passion for helping people and giving back to the community, and of course professionalism. We accept around 5% of mentor applicants.
Yup! Hit us up on live chat. We're usually really quick to answer. Otherwise just email and we’ll set up a call.
We are confident that you will find someone that can help you out. There is also networking and possibilities to meet other members in the Facebook group who can offer valuable insight as well.
If you're not satisfied for whatever reason within the first 30-days we'll refund your membership fee in full. If you've booked multiple free calls refund policy is void.