GrowthMentor LIVE: Exploring Mental Health In Tech

Posted on 20 Jun 2024
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It's time to talk about the impact of mental health on our work.

Tune into a crucial discussion with Aggelos Mouzakitis and Helen Peatfield as they explore the complexities of mental health in the tech industry. Whether you're looking to maintain your own mental health, tackle a mental health challenge, or provide a more open environment for your team members to discuss their mental health challenges, this episode is a great way to understand and navigate the intersection of mental health and business.

Expect personal stories and powerful anecdotes where mental health played a key role in professional events.

You’ll learn:
🧠 How you can manage your mental health and facilitate open conversations to help maintain your team's mental health
🧐 Psychology lessons that can help you manage your mental health
📈 Mental health trends in the tech industry that are impacting the current landscape

So watch for a candid conversation around mental health in the tech sector.

The mentors in this video

Helen Peatfield Conversion Copywriter

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