GrowthMentor LIVE: Non-Obvious Ways to Grow Your App Revenue

Posted on 12 Jun 2024
Growth Marketing
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Discover new tactics and a strategy to boost your B2C apps.

Are you missing out on potential growth levers?

Do you feel like you're drowning in the never-ending stream of conversion optimization and behavioral 'hacks' to iterate on your paywalls?

While it's critical to optimize the conversion funnel, Ekaterina and Vahe will prove that it’s sometimes not the most impactful way to grow your app’s revenue. And definitely not the only lever growth experts have.

They’ll share 10 non-obvious tactics that are often neglected but can have a higher impact on revenue and LTVs than just another paywall or pricing experiment.

You'll Learn:

💸 Why conversion funnel and paywall optimization are not always the only / biggest growth levers
🎰 How to come up with ‘big bets’ that might work and do it in a structured way
🔎 10 non-obvious tactics to boost your B2C app's revenue

So tune in and walk out with a fresh perspective and concrete approaches to growing your B2C app revenue.

The mentors in this video

Vahe Baghdasaryan Senior Growth Marketing Manager

I’m a Product and Growth Marketing Manager, having experience on working in consumer startups. I can help you in defining and analyzing your retention, setting up activation and engagement strategies as well as churn prediction and resurrection. So, just sign up and let’s talk!

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