All your questions about mentorship, answered

Why Should I Talk to a PLG Mentor?

When considering go-to-market strategies, you’ve probably thought about product-led growth. Product-led companies have seen explosive success in the last few years.

However, whether it’s a good GTM choice for your company is a different story.

It’s easy to see the appeal: product-led companies typically enjoy lower customer acquisition costs and larger total addressable markets.

But this comes with a trade-off in complexity and limits you to a very specific self-serve purchasing model.

Especially if you’re considering pivoting to PLG from another business model, the restrictions can be unnerving.

You need a clear view of how the pros and cons of PLG can affect your business and a step-by-step roadmap to implementing PLG to give you confidence.

Which is why you need to talk to a PLG mentor.

What can a PLG Mentor Do For Me?

PLG ultimately is a mindset shift. One moving away from needing to explain and hold your customers’ hands throughout the buying process and towards trusting your users to guide themselves through adopting your product.

The first question you probably have, however, is: will my product be a good fit for that kind of business model?

If the answer is yes, there’s another few hundred questions about how you can adapt your product so it’s as user-friendly and self-explanatory as possible.

And that’s only getting started with implementing PLG, not running a PLG model once it’s established.

But a PLG mentor can help. They’ll use their experience to determine if your product is a good fit for a product-led growth model. They can then walk you through everything you need to know before implementing PLG and alert you to any pitfalls you need to look out for.

Then, if you’ve established PLG, they can show you tips and tricks for continuing to optimize and fine-tune your approach so you continue to achieve sustainable growth.

Because a mentor works “with you” instead of doing it “for you,” you’ll understand why certain PLG tactics work for your business and others won’t. You’ll learn how product, marketing, and engineering can work together. And you’ll know how to keep a customer-centric mindset that still produces revenue consistently.

Should I talk to a product-led growth mentor now?

Unfortunately, here’s the catch: PLG only works well under a fairly specific set of criteria. Of course, the first qualifier is your offer must be a digital product of some format.

Your product should also be:

  • Relatively low complexity (lending itself to a self-service model)
  • Fairly self-explanatory with an intuitive UX (otherwise, you’re better suited to sales-led growth)
  • Somewhat established with product-market fit
  • Directed at non-enterprise customers

If you don’t check the boxes above, you may not be ready for product-led growth. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to talk to a PLG mentor.

If you check most of the boxes, then speaking to a PLG mentor may help you figure out how to decrease the complexity or intuitiveness of your product, establish better product-market fit, or pivot to target a non-enterprise audience.

For companies already started on a PLG model, a mentor can help when you:

  • Have seen a dip in your activation or retention metrics and can’t determine the cause
  • Are expanding your feature offerings and appeal to a new target audience
  • Need to add acquisition growth loops well suited to a PLG model
  • Aren’t sure whether to prioritize user-requested features or company-driven ones to maximize revenue
  • Want to cultivate a product-led culture across your company

If your company is a good fit for a PLG model, you have everything to gain by speaking with a PLG mentor. Talk to one today and get all of your burning PLG questions answered.

Why should I trust GrowthMentor’s GTM mentors?

Excellent question. After all, the “mentorship” world is full of high-priced consultants, armchair analysts who have never done the work themselves, and outright snake-oil salesmen looking to make a quick buck.

But, there are plenty of experts out there who want to share their experience and knowledge. At GrowthMentor, we’re lucky to have 700+ of those experts.

The secret comes from our vetting process. We not only double-vet all of our mentors so only the top 3% makes it through our process, we also look at their soft skills. Because no one wants a mentor who’s a snob or a jerk.

On top of it, 85% of our mentors don’t charge an extra fee. Why?

The short answer: Because they want to help people.

The long answer is because…

  • They enjoy sharing their knowledge
  • They learn from their mentees
  • They want to be a “force for good” in the business world
  • They want to pay it forward

But don’t just trust our word on it. Hear from the mentors themselves.