The learning and development perk your team will love

Give your team the gift of mentorship and help them learn and level up faster.

Give your team access to mentors that worked at companies like:

Sharpen their skills and help them make better decisions, faster

You can’t teach them everything about everything. That’s why there’s GrowthMentor.
94% of employees would stay if they had opportunities to learn & grow
71% of Fortune 500 companies have established mentoring programs
79% of millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success

“Although I had what seemed like endless questions and problems to solve, GrowthMentor was able to provide clear and concise feedback, advice, and best practices.”

Lindsay Neeson Growth Marketing Manager at Mixpanel

Introduce them to worlds of invaluable knowledge outside their current sphere

No more “echo chambers” or expensive solo consultants. Give every team 1-on-1 advice and support from top experts in product, marketing, growth, and beyond.
Acquire hyper-specific skill sets and knowledge
Courses will only teach people “best practices”. With a mentor, they learn from the best, to become the best in their roles at your company.
Connect with true industry experts
You don’t have to do everything by yourself (and neither does your team). Tap into the brains of 300+ GrowthMentors who genuinely care about your success.
Learn inside tips and tactics from the world’s leading companies
Ever wonder how world-class teams drive growth at the world’s leading companies? Let your team find out when they speak with them directly
Find support in a community of like-minded peers
Connect your team with our worldwide community of folks who are also looking to level up their skills – in growth, product, marketing, and everything in-between.
Get mentors reaching out to help your team
Not sure who to ask for help? Your team can post help requests and get mentors reaching out to them, offering help by jumping on a call ASAP.
Level up your skills with people just like you
Join intimate masterminds with your peers and keep each other accountable as you up-skill in one specific area, together.

There's nothing like a really good story, right?

See how other teams are leveraging mentorship for learning and development.
Niels Zee
“GrowthMentor has helped me learn new things so much easier and faster.”
Imee Gultiano-Fitzgerald Head of Content at Truely
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Niels Zee
“GrowthMentor has helped me to build tons of in-depth skills, learn approaches, get career direction and feedback and a lot for my personal brand.”
Niels Zee Head of Growth at StuDocu
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"Growth Mentor is like cheating your way into growth."
Khushi Lunkad Marketer at Streamline
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“I have evolved as a professional thanks to GrowthMentor!”
Sakis Triantafyllakis Head of Growth at Orfium
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"Knowing that I can reach out to a mentor at anytime and learn from their experience is reassuring.”
Hollie Youlden Marketing Manager at EmailOctopus
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Give your employees a way to network with other professionals outside of your company

Beyond just calls with mentors, your team will also be able to network with other members in the community. Think of this like an exclusive LinkedIn for growth people that enjoy helping other people by sharing insights.
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Team management made easy with usage reporting and transferrable user licensing

If someone from your team leaves and you want to transfer licenses you can do this really easy. You can also see the volume of sessions being booked, and send custom reminders to mentees to use the platform.
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Use our software to build your own internal mentoring program and bring your own mentors

No more “echo chambers” or expensive solo consultants. Give every team 1-on-1 advice and support from top experts in product, marketing, growth, and beyond.

Invest in your team’s growth

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Total $ 645645 /quarter/year
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With a team plan, one member is the team manager and that is the one who starts the team.

Existing members can start or team or brand new users can start a team upon sign up.

Team managers can add members right away or as their team grows.

  • Unlimited calls with mentors listed as FREE
  • Ability to post help requests and have mentors apply to you
  • Onboarding call with our founder to get you started off
  • Membership to private Slack Community
  • Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions
Yearly Memberships include
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach

Yup! Team managers can adjust members as needed in their team dashboard.

The team rates start at teams of 2.  You’ll find the rates on the have a progressive discount – the more members  you add, the higher the discount.