“It’s insane how I’m able to hop on Zoom calls with hundreds of experts that work at some seriously impressive companies!”

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Why Mentorship

What if your employees could speak with mentors from startups like Uber

The L&D perk your team will actually use

Give your team access to 700+ vetted mentors — all of them with verified track records of success driving growth at tech companies.
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of startups report an increase in productivity among their mentored employees
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of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs
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of mentored employees are satisfied with their job
Courses will only teach people best practices.  With mentor, your team will learn from the best, to become the best in their roles.  What insights could they bring to help drive growth? 
features and benefits

Give your employees a chance to see how other operators do things

Custom Onboarding

We’ll speak with your entire team to help define which goals and KPIs GrowthMentor can help with.

Reporting and Analytics

See usage statistics across your entire team in realtime.

Transferable licenses

If someone from your team leaves and you want to transfer licenses you can do this easily. Up to 1 transfer per seat per quarter.

Self-serve booking for your entire team

All-in-one platform for booking, reminders, and follow-ups, making mentorship of your whole team effortless

Give your employees an unfair growth advantage

Just a few of the topics they can speak to mentors about.

How do we optimize our app store listing?

How do we increase our retention rate?

Should we change our pricing model?

How do we prep for our next funding round?

How do we improve our ROAS?

What’s our natural use frequency?

How do we reduce team silos?

How do we price a new product tier?

How can we boost customer LTV?

Should we build a growth team?

How do we shorten our sales cycle?

How do we find our a-ha moment?

How can we improve demo conversions?

Should we expand our marketing channels?

Customer Stories

What other companies are saying

"Growth mentor is where I go when I need to add a drop of wisdom in my strategy."
It's incredible how much more productive I am thanks to the fact that I get to speak about my ideas with mentors.
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Marketing Lead
Natasha Mina
“In my everyday work I run various marketing and sales experiments. Whenever I need a feedback — I know where to ask for it.”
I love the ability to receive valuable feedback from mentors who have been in the industry for decades.
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Head of Growth
Anastasia Rubleva
“After one session on SEO my organic traffic has doubled and continues to grow.”
In two short sessions I was helped to join the dots for massive lightbulb moments.
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Sven Radavics

Frequently asked questions

Why Choose GrowthMentor?

Our mentors are the top 3% of their field. Every mentor goes through a strict double-vetting process to ensure they’re the best of the best.

But, when vetting, we also look at an applicant’s soft skills:

  • Does this person have the patience to hop on a call with a total newbie?
  • Can they hang with someone who is even more advanced than themselves in a certain area?

We’re looking for humility, kindness, and warmth.

These traits are what set Growth Mentors apart from other “gurus”. They want to share their knowledge and help.

The short answer? Because they want to help people.

The long answer? Because…

  • They enjoy sharing their knowledge
  • They learn from their mentees
  • They want to be a “force for good” in the business world
  • They want to pay it forward

GrowthMentor covers 45 different skill areas across marketing, growth, product, and entrepreneurship. Our 700+ mentors specialize in a range of subtopics in each of those niches.

Yep. Purchase a team plan and your team members get unlimited calls every month.

Two words: active learning. When your team goes to AI with their problems, they’re often consuming the information, but not applying it.

By talking things through with a mentor, your team members will sharpen their understanding of their challenges and find routes to put the advice into action faster than they could with an AI solution.

The one mentor approach may have worked for Luke Skywalker and Yoda, but this is the real world, not Star Wars.

In reality, no one mentor can know everything, no matter how broad their experience is.

Which is why GrowthMentor encourages members to book with multiple mentors to get targeted expertise.

Your package includes:

  • A custom growth roadmap for your team
  • A 30 minute onboarding with your team concierge
  • Calls for each of your team members booked every week by your team concierge

There’s a 14 day trial period available for teams plans.

Booking Calls and Logistics

Like the name implies, your team concierge will book calls for your team and assist in keeping team members on track with their growth roadmaps.

Teams can book plans in one of two ways:

First, there’s the DIY route. Your team members can browse GrowthMentor’s mentor roster and book calls with any mentor they feel would be a good fit.

Second, there’s the done-for-you route. Your team has a concierge who will talk through your team’s challenges on a weekly basis and book calls for each of your team members. Then, all your team has to do is show up to the call.

Calls are available as 15, 30, or 60 minute slots.

No. Each call is conducted 1:1 between one of your team members and a mentor.

You’ll have three options to attend calls: Zoom, Google Meet, or GrowthMentor’s built-in video rooms.

When a team member books with a mentor, they’ll automatically receive an invite through their platform of choice.

From there, it’s like joining any other video call.

Your team members will be able to sync their Google calendars with their GrowthMentor account. The platform will block off event conflicts when booking.

We recommend planning to dedicate 1-2 hours per week per team member:

  • 15 minutes for the team member to walk through their challenge with your team concierge
  • 30-60 minutes for the call
  • 15 minute for determining an action plan after the session


Full disclaimer: there are no silver bullets in growth. Success ultimately comes down to putting effort into calls and executing on the mentors’ advice.

But, we can guarantee your team will be speaking to the top experts in their fields when they book calls with our mentors.

If your team keeps a growth mindset and a bias towards action, you’ve got excellent odds of seeing positive results.

A custom growth roadmap is a plan mapped out for your team by your team concierge. It’ll take into account both overall company goals and individual team member’s goals.

Your team concierge will cover your company’s goals during your onboarding. If you have a major goal you would like all of your team members to work towards, your concierge can help ensure each session stays laser-focused to build towards the company goal.

You will be able to see the number of calls each of your team members have booked.

No. It’s all about psychological safety.

Mentorship is very personal and requires a lot of vulnerability on the part of the person being mentored. We want your team members to feel free to talk about any topic, including ones that may be prickly or highly personal.

So, we only allow team admins to view the general category (i.e. “Leadership”, “Mindset Coaching,” or “Team Building”) for their team’s call.

Gift your team mentorship

Treat your team to the only L&D perk they’ll actually use.

    “I’m always looking for shortcuts, and this is probably the best hack you can get: asking someone who’s been there to show you the way.”
    As a piece of advice, I would rather have a shorter conversation with 2 mentors than having a longer conversation with only one mentor. Perspective is key here.
    Jonathan Magnin
    Founder at You're Closer Jonathan Magnin