Growth is pretty damn hard. Get mentorship where you need it most!

Whether your objective is to increase traffic to your website, decrease churn rate, or just vent, you'll be able to find the right growth mentor for the job.

Bootstrapping Mentors

Either you can't raise funding or you don't want to give equity. For whatever reason, you're bootstrapped. Embrace it. It's a blessing in disguise despite it's difficulty. Learn from those that have bootstrapped to profitability.

Content Marketing Mentors

We've gathered some of the best content marketers in the industry all in one place. Get their perspective on your content marketing strategy and get inspired. It's your spark plug of fresh new ideas on the fly.

Conversion Rate Optimization Mentors

Traffic x Conversion Rate = Sales. Most of your competitors are obsessing over acquisition (traffic). The lowest lying fruit is always CRO. Jump start your CRO efforts with a mentor.

Customer Success Mentors

The customer pays our salaries. Let's reward them by making them successful using our product/service. Learn how others structure their customer success teams and get inspired to make changes that put your customers first.

UX Design Mentors

Lots of people confuse design with aesthetics. Design is functional. It solves problems. And guess what? It's something you can learn. Hack that learning curve today with a design mentor.

Growth Hacking Mentors

There's a lot of bullshit surrounding "growth hacking." The easiest way to cut right through the noise is by talking with the world's best growth hackers. See what it really means to be a growth hacker. You might be surprised.

Mindset Coaching Mentors

Cultivating a growth mindset improves your ability to win in all areas of life. Learn the mental models used by successful founders that helped them stay disciplined during periods of high-stress.

Link Building Mentors

Some say money makes the world go round. Not sure about that. But what we are sure of is that links makes google go round. You need them badly to rank. Get advice on how to score them from experienced link builders.

Marketing Automation Mentors

Marketing automation helps you do more with less. But where to start? Which tools to use? How to setup the workflows? The options are unlimited, it's crazy. Get advice on how to bring some sanity to your Marktech stack with a mentor.

Outbound Marketing Mentors

Fear of outbound is the #1 reason why early stage startups can't get that early customer traction needed to validate their product. If you're not experienced at it though, can do more harm than good. Fix it with a mentor.

PPC Mentors

Make the most out of your paid ads by talking to experts with years experience on all the big PPC platforms. Don't make silly expensive mistakes. Be humble, get a second opinion.

Product Management Mentors

Let's face it, product management can be ruthlessly stressful. Especially when silos are involved. Product-led growth is the antidote, get advice on how to harness it!

Product Market Fit Mentors

Have product-market fit yet? If not, get help improving your product marketing by clarifying the value proposition and overall messaging today!

SEO Mentors

It's easy to lose countless hours watching SEO courses and reading SEO blog posts. Talking to an expert that's "been there done that" can save you tremendous effort.

Social Media Mentors

Getting an outside perspective will definitely help you amp up your social media game. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram? Get help with all of them.

Startup Funding Mentors

Don't make expensive mistakes without getting a second opinion. Talk with experts that have years of experience dealing with startup funding issues.

Startup Stress Mentors

Growth is hard. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who gets you. Don't bottle up your emotions. Venting your frustrations to a growth mentor is a great way to reduce risks of falling into depression.