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Aditya Mehta

Hacking growth for early-stage startups | Y Combinator alum | Munger to your Buffet
Have you done your 0-to-1 and now want to scale 100x? I want to combine your understanding of your customers with my expertise to scale multiple channels concurrently for your startup. Cut my teeth as the CEO of Suggestr (YC W22) — using outbound email marketing, PPC, and growth hacks to scale.

Jim Kingsbury

Growth Marketing Leadership
Lesson-filled multi-decade journey leading e-commerce marketing teams for incredible online brands including Allbirds, Zappos, The Pro's Closet, and One Kings Lane - plus 4 years as an International Product Manager in the early days of

Mark Szelenyi

Product Leader | Enterprise SaaS | Mentor | Advisor
My expertise is in helping organizations achieve extraordinary growth by shaping products that customers want and are willing to pay for, and creating the organizational foundation to launch and scale products efficiently.

Jenifer Ho

VP Marketing | Growth Marketer | Tech Marketer | SaaS Marketer
Democratic and empathetic and leader managing full stack marketing teams with deep expertise in Growth and Demand Generation. Experience ranges from startups to Fortune 500 in both US and global organizations. 3 successful exits, all IPOs.

Cody Lee

VP, Growth Marketing @ Global Private Equity Firm | Advisor to 100+ Growth Companies
I’m a proud member of the Peak Performance Group: a free, on-demand resource for the nearly 100 exceptional companies within the Summit Partners portfolio. Every day, I assist founders and marketing teams with accelerating growth through marketing and digital initiatives—and hope to help you, too!

Jordan Crawford

Early Stage Growth and Strategy
I have been in growth since 2016. I moved from 1 to 100M in GMV. I'm great with early customer acquisition, growth hacks, and thinking about crazy ways to grow your early-stage business.

Sophia Eng

Growth Advisor
VP Marketing @TradeTheFifth. Founder, Women in Growth. Formerly @InVisionApp @Workday @Autodesk. Startup Mentor Optimizing for Happiness, Designing for Growth.

Tony Yang

Full Stack B2B Marketer for Startups
I've been a B2B marketer for SaaS startups for the past 14 years. Thus, I consider myself a "full stack" marketer, though my strengths are in demand generation, growth marketing, account-based marketing (ABM) and marketing operations. I'm also a coach/mentor at a couple of startup accelerators.

Matthew Hammon

Growth Marketer | Demand Generation Director | IP Attorney, registered in AU
I built a business generating $1mil+ in revenue before age 23. Now with 9+ years of experience working with B2B and B2C companies I'm looking to help people like you grow your companies with smart growth strategies that deliver real impact to the bottom line. Currently a Director @ Labelbox.

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