"Kosta was great as always. Helped me validate our go-to-market strategy and partnership. He's very easy to communicate with and direct about his opinions, which I value."
Brady Kirkpatrick Profile Image
Brady K.
"I don't even know how to begin this. What started as a short facebook ads call with Kevin has now turned into a full mentorship"
Ben W.
Facebook Ads
"Great call with an amazing mentor. Patiently he has shown me every step I need to achieve my aim. If you are looking for help regarding GA4 he is the right person."
Marko L.
"Amy is very knowledgable on Google Ads, and helped me optimising a campaign that was underperforming. She gave me some concrete tips that I can directly implement."
Celine Fosse Profile
Celine F.
Google Ads
"Always very insightful to talk to Manish and iron out the details and get a different perspective on the offering, PMF and marketing channels."
Nuno Pereira Profile
Nuno P.
Product Market Fit
"Had a great session full of valuable insights with Artem. He has developed a framework for crafting go-to-market strategies that I will definitely use."
Midori Hashiguchi Profile
Midori H.
Growth Marketing
225 Social Media Marketing Mentors Ready and Waiting

One person can’t know it all, Social Media Marketing requires flexibility.

Vassilena Valchanova

351 session(s) / 245 review(s)
👋 Let's Talk Content Strategy and Brand Messaging!
Sofia, Bulgaria (+02:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
Content marketing is my core focus and social media is a big part of that. I mainly focus on LinkedIn for the purposes of personal branding and B2B sales. I can help you plan organic content for B2C and DTC brands, too. However, I wouldn't be the best fit if paid social is what you're after.

Marcos Bravo C.

38 session(s) / 29 review(s)
Marketing Strategy - Currently Founder of The Waterlemon
Wroclaw, Poland (+00:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
Once you have a voice and something to say is time to amplify it and scream at the top of your lungs. Get Social Media right and you will get immediate feedback, interactions and eventually a group of loyal fans ready to spread the word. Learn to listen and how to react on times of crisis.

Maria JD Sirotkina

44 session(s) / 29 review(s)
Fractional CMO 🚀 EdTech & FinTech 🎓 | Product launches ✳️
Lisbon, Portugal (+00:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
My mojo is building a profitable social media strategy, and using social to grow both revenue and community. In the end, it's not about the # of followers, it's their engagement and ROI of each social channel.

Nadia Harris

22 session(s) / 17 review(s)
Founder of remoteworkadvocate.com
Hartford, United States (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 4 days
Building your personal brand in SM is a must these days. It's all about creating awareness in terms of your values, believes, mission and vision in order to engage audience and build credibility.

Looking for 1-on-1 advice from Social Media Marketing mentors?

“We stopped buying courses”
“Nothing else compares”
“Our team can’t get enough”

Joey Kotkins

14 session(s) / 11 review(s)
Founder // Growth and Operations Leader
London, United Kingdom (-08:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 23 hours
Lots of experience in organic and paid social marketing strategies. Primarily FB and its ecosystem. If you've got an e-commerce shop and its all about optimisation then I'm not an expert, but if you're trying to figure out how to get things working I can help.

Laura Catz

54 session(s) / 43 review(s)
PPC Marketer & Consultant | Head of Growth for B2B Saas | 2 x eCommerce Founder
Iasi, Romania (+02:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
Starting my own business in fashion forced me to learn how to navigate ever-changing social media landscape: Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. I can share my own learnings and mistakes so you can benefit them.

Bradley Fehler

2 session(s) / 1 review(s)
Director of Growth Marketing
London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 4 hours
I have run paid social activities and teams for B2B SaaS businesses for over 7 years and can help you understand the opportunities, get set up and start delivering value to you business.

Brian Roisentul

13 session(s) / 13 review(s)
Growth Marketing Expert (10 Years of Experience)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (-03:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
Since 2013, I've implemented countless Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for companies in multiple industries to grow their businesses. Whether it's to generate leads for a professional/business or purchases for an e-commerce store.

Lena Sesardic

60 session(s) / 44 review(s)
Product Manager, Content Creator & Speaker
Vancouver, Canada (-08:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
I've built my personal brand on LinkedIn so deeply understand how the platform works. I know exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, grow your network, and post content that positions you as a thought leader or gets you clients for your service business.

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Building a social media marketing strategy

  • Define your social media marketing objectives and KPIs.
  • Target the right audience and social media platform.
  • Develop a content strategy tailored to your platform(s) of choice

Creating content that get clicks

  • Craft and curate content of various styles and types.
  • Experiment to take advantage of trends
  • Discover and own your company’s unique social media voice.

Designing an unforgettable brand

  • Define your company’s visual branding style in social media
  • Determine your company’s “signature” content
  • Hone your brand’s positioning and USP

Establishing an engaged community of brand fans

  • Track and respond to brand mentions
  • Discover opportunities for user generated content (UGC)
  • Encourage thoughtful conversations that make your community unique.

Linking social media marketing efforts to business goals

  • Track and report on the KPIs that really matter
  • Pinpoint the campaigns and content that drive growth
  • Leverage complex analytics tools for in-depth analysis.

Integrating social media into your marketing function

  • Amplify the reach of all your marketing intiatives
  • Unite your messaging across social media, branding, and PR.
  • Boost email marketing and website performance through organic campaigns
225 Social Media Marketing Mentors Ready and Waiting

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Shannon Beckerleg
“All of the anxieties and stories I’d built up in my head, Paul eradicated in two sentences. I got a lot in a short space of time.”
Corey Hubbard
“All of the mentors there have been very helpful, very easy to talk to, and very knowledgable. Set up a session and get the goods.”
Susan Liu
“I left the session feeling super uplifted, empowered and with a clear direction on what I should do next.”
Tauras Sinkus
“I’ve had three sessions so far and I got the advice I was looking for or the inspiration I needed to continue going.”
Erin Tomlinson
“If you want to get customers to your door, this is the way to do it. It’s quality advice that will lead you to the promised land for your business.”
Lodewijk “Louis” Veldhuijzen
“Some of the advice the mentors have given me has saved me months. I’m benefitting like crazy and I suggest you do it too.”

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Why Talk to a Social Media Marketing Mentor?

Why Should I Talk to a Social Media Mentor?

Social media is a game of consistency and inches.

That “overnight viral” success? Had a social media manager working daily on building the brand’s page for months before it took off.

The startup’s account with 500K followers? Needed an entire marketing team brainstorming for content and experimenting with new ideas every. single. week.

But if you’re part of a smaller team or testing the waters with social media as an acquisition channel, you probably don’t have the time or resources to blindly throw darts at a board.

With the tens of thousands of “Learn how {Insert Name of a Magical Unicorn Startup Whose Success is Mostly Luck and Survivorship Bias} does social media” case studies out there, it’s about impossible to find what really works without getting overwhelmed.

What you need is actionable insights and advice from someone who has seen hundreds of companies like yours and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t for your size and maturity stage.

You need a social media marketing mentor.


What can a Social Media Mentor Do For Me?

There’s no such thing as mere tactics in social media marketing. If pure tactics made social media successful, every single person who picked up a phone could turn themselves into a breakout star on TikTok.

Yes, sometimes luck does come into play in organic social media marketing.

But the best social media marketers know how to recognize when conditions are favorable and “make their own luck.”

When you sit down with a social media marketing mentor, you’re not walking away with a bunch of content ideas and tactics strung together by a loose thread of strategy.

You’re building your (and your team’s) understanding of how different platforms work, what content works on each, and why certain content is popular on each.

So instead of running with content ideas on one campaign, then wondering “what’s next” when the campaign is over, you’re gaining the knowledge you need to build campaigns that work time and time again.


Should I talk to a Social Media mentor now?

Fortunately, social media marketing is a field that isn’t dependent on any other factors like company size, maturity, or PM fit. It will simply look different at different stages.

But whether it’s worth your time may be a different question. After all, regardless of what the internet says, social media marketing doesn’t just work for any company or product.

You want to talk to a social media manager when:
• Your company has flashy, playful, funny, or otherwise potentially viral elements that will likely work well on organic channels.
• You’ve maxed out another complementary marketing channel like SEO, ads, or word of mouth and want to expand your channel mix.
• You’ve already seen great success on one social media platform and want to test out another.
• Your company is very connected to its users and wants a marketing channel that reflects that.
• You want to focus on brand-building and awareness campaigns.

A social media marketing mentor will listen to your company’s situation, determine your needs, and guide you to the best strategies, tactics, and playbooks to help you achieve success. Think of it as shining a light of truth on the black-boxes of social media algorithms.


Looking for 1-on-1 advice from Social Media Marketing Mentors?

“We stopped buying courses”
“Nothing else compares”
“Our team can’t get enough”