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Hannah Parvaz

Head of Growth at
Over the last few years I’ve spent over a £1.5million on more than 15,000 ads in 80+ countries. Facebook has been the primary paid acquisition channel with each product I have worked on.

Luis Camacho

Founder & CEO at
Running successful Facebook ads for SaaS seems tricky, but why do the big companies make it seem like such an easy feat? The thing is they know what they're doing (it's not just a matter ad spend size). I've worked with many SaaS companies and have seen success on Facebook time and time again. Facebook is a place for B2B, you're marketing to people, always, not companies.

Joanna Delaney

Senior Marketing Strategist @ VideoAsk at
Over the last few years I have spent over $5M on Facebook ads. I have extensive knowledge on targeting, bidding strategies, campaign scaling and improving ROAS

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Sam Collier

Generated $50M+ Through Facebook & Instagram Ads
I've spent more time on the Facebook Ads platform than I'd care to admit. I've generated $50M+ in revenue through Facebook & Instagram ads and managed client budgets of $1M+/month for some of America's leading brands. (Golden State Warriors, MGM Resorts & Casino's, Ashley Furniture, TiVo + Many More!)

Michael Taylor

Co-Founder at
I was an early Facebook advertiser at Travelzoo (Groupon competitor) acquiring 1m subscribers, scaled acquisition at SumoMe (founded by Noah Kagan) by 30x, and even ran Facebook ads for Facebook (Workplace). As the co-founder of Ladder, a growth marketing agency, I have scaled campaigns up to $500k a month, and have worked with clients like Monzo Bank, Time Out and

Nicole Chin

Head of Marketing Technology at Mindvalley
Anyone who has done PPC will tell you that if you have a spot-on strategy for Facebook, the leads you get from the platform are some of the highest value customers you can get. I've covered many aspects of Facebook advertising -- including app installs.

Cody Lee

Vice President, Peak Performance Group at
Remember when they said Facebook would never be for B2B? I do. (Spoiler: it can be.) While DTC and pure demand generation still reigns supreme on Facebook, there's usually a way to make Facebook ads work for any company. Let's get into it!

Nicolas Moulin

Online Business Manager at BravaFabrics
I was part of a Facebook Project, back in 2014, when Facebook Ads was launching in Europe, and all was about Page Likes (how times have changed). Certified Facebook Blueprint, I managed eCommerce accounts from 10k to 350k monthly spent. Facebook Ads is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic and conversions for e-commerce, but as competition grows, it is necessary to understand its potential and limitations.

Sunni Sukumar

Marketing Director at Prehired
I've spent 7 figures on Facebook ads, which also means I've dealt with all their crazy policies. And yep, I've had accounts and Business Managers disabled, like many others have, so I've learned how to adapt.

Simon Kreienbaum

Co-founder at
6+ years. $25M+ spent. Developed lots of in-house software that helped me replace and helped me manage 7figure monthly budgets by myself. Now building software that sits on top of the Facebook Ads API.

Joanna did an unbelievable job helping us with our Facebook ad strategy. She answered all of our questions and explained everything very thoroughly. She went above and beyond by laying out how we should set up our campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Huge value and greatly appreciated! Highly recommend.

reviewed by
Nick O'Hara
Ex-Founder & CEO at
Mentor Joanna Delaney

We had a great call about Facebook retargeting ads using custom audiences. It was great to hear from another head of growth what’s working and what’s not working. I definitely recommend anyone in a growth role working in SaaS to book a call with Marcus. Great guy and super friendly.

reviewed by
Foti Panagiotakopoulos
Founder at GrowthMentor
Mentor Marcus Svensson

“Hannah was fantastic. Really knowledgeable about Facebook Ads, came prepared to the session, and helped us come up with clear next steps!”

reviewed by
Sergi Garcia
CMO at
Mentor Hannah Parvaz

I’ve done a handful of growth mentor calls, and Nicolas was the most helpful. The reason was he really understood all of my roles, himself being a full-stack experienced digital marketer. He preemptively knew where I was in for trouble, troubleshooted why certain campaigns were not hitting the mark, and gave me advice that will serve me well for a long time. Very talented, smart, quick minded marketer. High thoughts of Nicolas.

reviewed by
Hal Zeitlin
Chief Marketing Officer at Braini
Mentor Nicolas Moulin

“I had an exploratory session with Sam, he was very friendly and open to answering any questions I had about managing, optimizing, and scaling multi-million dollar Facebook ad accounts. He has hands-on knowledge and it’s very results-oriented, I’ll probably follow up with him in the future ;)”

reviewed by
Marytere Solano
Digital Growth Marketing Manager at Sunu Inc.
Mentor Sam Collier

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  • You’ve made your audiences and ads but your conversion rate is terrible and you don’t know why
  • You know the importance of A/B testing but don’t have the experience needed to properly structure A/B testing in your campaigns
  • You’re relying too much on interest targeting and desperately want to squeeze as much ROI as possible out of custom audience targeting
  • You’ve got the “tech” side under control, but you’re failing with your ads. They’re super boring!

Whether it’s your first time setting up Facebook Ads or you’re an experienced Facebook Ads user that’s been using it for years, it can’t hurt to speak to other Facebook Ads experts to get their take on how to maximize the impact of this incredibly powerful tool.

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  • Try to form mental patterns, especially if you speak with multiple mentors. Pay attention to metadata.
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