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Jessica Volbrecht

Social Media/Content Strategist

Jessica Volbrecht

Social Media/Content Strategist

Social Media- the necessary evil for all businesses. If you want to talk strategy about Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram or Instagram Stories - I'm here to help! My total social media reach between all of the accounts I manage is over 100k users.

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Jess Bahr

Full Stack Growth Marketer

Jess Bahr

Full Stack Growth Marketer

Social media is one of the greatest tools for reaching your target audience. I've been part of alpha and beta tests and pre-GA features for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I've spent over $30M on social media over the past years.

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Lucy Xu

Marketer & Advisor for Greek & American Ventures

Lucy Xu

Marketer & Advisor for Greek & American Ventures

Strategy, messaging, and campaign execution guidance to drive organic engagement and brand awareness through authentic community growth and engagement.

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Foti Panagio

Founder at Growthmentor.io


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Foti Panagio

Founder at Growthmentor.io

I'm a passionate full stack marketer with over a decade experience managing and coordinating distributed growth teams with a unique overlap into the world of InfraOps.

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Startups Web Hosting B2B

Why talk to a social media marketing mentor?

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. You may refrain as much as possible from using it in your daily life or you may check your feed every other second. Regardless of which of these camps you fall into on a personal level, on a business level you MUST have a presence on social media.

It can be an overwhelming task to take on. Where do you start? What do you post? How often?

Speaking with a social media strategist can help you to clarify exactly what it is that you want to accomplish via social media. They will point you in the right direction and help you to formulate a plan.

Use their experience - both wins and failures to your advantage.

Reading a blog post about how to market on social media is a very different thing than speaking with someone who has been doing it for years. Use your time with the mentor to really get down to the nitty gritty about what works and what doesn’t.

Whatever your current position is with social media, getting an outside perspective will definitely help you amp it up.

Popular Use Cases for Your Inspiration

You are fresh to social media marketing and want 1:1 guidance from a social media guru

There is no better time than to speak with an experienced marketer! You are a fresh slate, so getting started with advice from an experienced professional will set a stable foundation for the strategy you are going to build.

Find out what has worked for them in the past and what is trending now in the world of social media.

If you are managing social media marketing in-house but don’t have results to show for

Maybe the higher-ups assigned you the joyous task of managing your company’s social media and nothing is happening. You aren’t getting any engagement and nobody is converting.

Share your current strategy (if you have one) with a growth mentor and get their 2 cents on it. Maybe it just needs some minor tweeking or perhaps you need a full blown reconstruction of your social media strategy to accomplish your goals.

If you are not sure which social media channels you should be using for your business

This can be something that scares people away from social media all together. There are so many avenues to utilize these days and each has their own unique value.

Speak with a mentor to figure out where you should focus your efforts. Find out where your audience spends their time and focus your efforts there. Growth mentors can help you with setting up tests to see which platform is best for you.

If you want a 3rd party opinion on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram presence

You probably love what you are throwing down on social media and think you are the bee’s knees, but does your audience interact?

It is a saturated world out there. You can have amazing posts on your Facebook business page and nobody is seeing them. Even the people that have ‘liked’ it may not ever see your posts in their feed.

If you want to hire a social media freelancer or agency but want help deciding from an expert

Everyone and their mother seems to be slangin’ their social media management services these days. Make sure you get a second (and third) opinion regarding who to go with before sending over that first payment.

Remember that whether it is a freelancer or an agency- they are trying to sell their services to you. Everything is going to sound amazing and promising. Do your homework before agreeing to anything.

If have a feeling your social messaging is too self-absorbed but you’re just not sure

Self promotion. Many people don’t feel comfortable with this and shy away from social media because of it. Back in the day you would’ve been advertising in magazines and on billboards- now you have a direct line into the direct sight line of potential customers via social media. Don’t shy away from this because you feel ‘silly’ posting on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to a growth mentor about anything I want?

Yep. Talk about whatever you want. There are no "rules." Just be comfortable and try and have some fun!

Which social media channels should I be using?

All of them. At least a little bit. Start with posts on all and then see where the engagement lies and focus your efforts more on that one.

Why not just pay someone to do this for me?

There are plenty of social media managers out there who would be happy to take your money and post on behalf of your company. The problem with this method is that others usually can’t replicate the voice of the brand quite as well as those who live and breath the brand like you do. Another issue with hire an ‘outsider’ to do this is that you will need to be engaging with your customers via social media, so it can get messy when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Do I have to prepare for the call in advance?

Great question. No, you don't have to, but the better prepared you are the more value you'll get out of the calls. Try and be ready with any data that you think would add value to the conversation.

Do mentors set their own rates?

Yea, the mentors set their own rates. We encourage the growth mentors to charge "friendly" rates. We think that mentorship has value for both the mentor and the mentee. This is a safe space where you can get in contact with mentors that intimitely understand the challenges of social media marketing and legitimately want to help. We believe that karma is a real thing and it's part of our brand's core values. We like to attract mentors that embody that, which is why you'll always find that a certain percentage of mentors are donating their time for free.

Can I hire a growth mentor to work for me on a project basis?

Many of the mentors on the platform are already working fulltime at other positions and are mentoring on the side for their own reasons. But there are also a number of mentors who are open for side-gigs. If you want to hire your mentor to do actionable work for you as opposed to simply consulting you, you are free to ask them. This is a personal matter between the two of you which does not concern Growthmentor as a platform.


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