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Bjarn Brunenberg

CRO & Experimentation Lead
Hi, I am Bjarn. As Experiment Lead @TomTom, I geek out about the processes around experimentation. +5 years of experience gave me superpowers in CRO, A/B testing and experiment management. I am here to guide fellow (growth) marketers how to do experimentation right.

Srinivas Kumar

Global Performance Digital Marketing Manager
I am an experienced Performance digital marketing leader with deep expertise in paid acquisition campaigns and breadth of experiences in strategic marketing, digital strategy, marketing metrics and people management.

Denise Edwards

Founder & CEO @
Hi there, I'm Denise and my focus is on helping you with the following: Growth Marketing GTM Strategy Product Market Fit Fundraising

Derk van der Grijp

Co-founder Foodies First
I've co-founded a couple of startups in Europe and Africa. While some people are all about music, cooking or football, I'm all about startups and innovation. I could talk about 'em all day, no joke. I'm happy to help with any questions you may have about growing your early-stage startup!

Sharon Sciammas

Sharon Sciammas Helping platforms, marketplaces & communities to grow 🌍
I help platforms, and communities to build the right growth strategies that take into consideration the WHOLE business.

Ksenia Koster

Freelance CMO | Videogames | Digital entertainment
Interim CMO for videogames, and a gamification practitioner. I help you discover your customers' motivation, drive growth, and leverage on technology and data.

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