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Oz Merchant

Oz Merchant

Sales/Customer Success Consultant and Mind Hacker
Founders and new Team Leaders: I love helping build sales and customer success teams. I focus on lead to sales hand-off and then to implementation/customer success. And if you are feeling stuck, a mindhacking session will get the roadblocks out of your way.
Matthew Kay

Matthew Kay

Growth Marketing and SEO
I'm a growth-minded marketer with a proven track record and years of experience driving positive outcomes across digital channels. I pursue excellence every day in SEO, growth marketing, and beyond.

Ekaterina (Sam) Howard

Conversion copywriter and strategist for B2B SaaS
I help B2B SaaS startup founders and growth marketers get more traction with research-driven conversion copy — without slowing down their growth initiatives

21 Career Reflections

11 min

5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Landing Page Success

80 min

A Framework to Identify Your Top Growth Channels

55 min

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