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by Val Razo SMM Consultant

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What is a nano influencer?

A nano influencer is a new breed of influencer who has built a reputation for knowledge or expertise within a particular niche on social media platforms. A common nano influencer has influence over the small yet loyal follower base that varies between 100 and 10,000 followers and these opinion leaders have a more personal relationship with their followers than micro or macro influencers.

Today, it’s the biggest group of opinion leaders; over 50% of social media influencers are nano influencers.

Who can become a nano influencer?

At first blush, nano influencers are common social media users. But that’s not true. 

The right nano influencer who secures brand collaborations is an opinion leader who can effectively market different products or services to his or her social media following, spark interest in a brand, and encourage their followers to engage with that brand.

With the smallest following count among all opinion leaders, it doesn’t take much time or effort to become a nano influencer these days. This means every social media user can become a nano influencer. However, investing time and effort into this career path is important.

To become a nano influencer, investing in building long-lasting relationships with your followers and creating an engaged community is important. The process of becoming a nano influencer should include the following tactics:

  • Select the right niche
  • Create engaging content regularly (like Insta Stories, reels, etc.)
  • Communicate with involved followers
  • Be proactive in brand collaborations
  • Network with other influencers

Why do nano influencers gain in popularity?

The days when brands and companies wanted to work with only macro-influencers or celebrities are long gone. Having a solid social media following means nothing;  more and more social media teams crave higher engagement rates, so they see potential in nano influencers.

Here are two main reasons why nano influencers are popular among brands:

  • Higher engagement rates: More often than not, nano influencers have personal and authentic connections with their followers, knowing most of them in real life. That’s why nano influencer endorsements sound like friend recommendations and therefore, it positively affects the engagement rate.
  • Lower costs: Nano influencers are starting out as opinion leaders on social media, so they don’t expect brands to pay a lot for their work. Moreover, they have less polished feeds and just a few brands want to get visual content from these collaborations. In most cases, nano influencers are ready to endorse your brand in exchange for a small fee, branded freebies, or solid discounts. 

For brands, this means an opportunity to get in front of their target audience for a lower price and therefore spend the same amount of budget on working with several nano influencers as for the price of an average micro-influencer. The more nano influencers spread the word about your product or company, the wider your reach.

Why should you work with nano influencers?

No matter how many followers an influencer has, a trustworthy social media opinion leader has quick access to your target audience if you choose the right influencer for your brand.

Moreover, nano influencers are easy to work with unless spoiled with too many offers from other brands. And just like other types of influencers, nano influencers can help brands accomplish the same goals, just like given below:

Who may need to collaborate with nano influencers?

With relatively inexpensive prices, nano influencers become a good choice for small businesses or startups just starting with their influencer marketing strategies.

However, big brands like Dunkin also turn to this type of influencer with the idea of being authentic when featuring their products to the target audience. What is more, having a solid budget for influencer marketing means the possibility to work with more nano influencers. It can result in higher reach, better brand awareness, and more.

What is more, social media influencers may want to collaborate with nano influencers with the same target audience to co-promote their accounts and therefore attract more followers and become more influential in a fun and actionable way.

As a result, every business of any size or niche and other influencers may see potential in working with nano influencers these days.

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