How to use Content and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

Posted on 07 Jun 2022
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Know which channels work best for your business and how to optimally use them for sustainable growth 

Social media channels or a blog are the underrated business cards that represent you to the unknown extent of your market. 

This is how you can make sure it sends out the best message.

Blogging or social media marketing is pivotal to achieving success at the top of your sales funnel. 

These channels are the best way to create brand awareness, which leads to not only acquisition but also builds the foundation for word of mouth. 

At the end of the day, if someone suggests you a service or a product, the first thing you do is either google it or find their instagram page. 

Hence, content marketing channels serve as your business cards.

Let's discuss some of the best practices! 

You'll learn:

  • Which platform works the best for your business to generate leads and acquire new customers
  • How can you optimise the content on these channels to drive growth
  • Best practices for delivering the right message to your target market in a clear and easy to understand method
  • How to effectively use content marketing to drive targeted results in the awareness phase of your sales funnel
  • How to research and test the tastes and preferences of your target audience 

The mentors in this video

Ishan Khurana Head of Growth at Urban Journalist | Startup Consultant | Branding & Growth Marketing Strategist | Mindset Coach

I have a passion for connecting with entrepreneurs, learning about their projects, and helping them build a strategic roadmap to achieve their ambitions and drive sustainable growth. I have diverse experience of entrepreneurial challenges and a versatile knowledge base of different industries.

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