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by Val Razo SMM Consultant

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Definition of Instagram Lead Generation

Instagram lead generation is a process in which businesses use Instagram as the platform for reaching out to the target audience, communicating with potential customers, sparking their interest in products or services, and collecting contact information from these prospects. 

When generating leads on Instagram, marketers, and creators make the most out of in-built features to make it easier for hooked users to share their contact information without leaving the app.

Why do marketers show Interest in Instagram Lead Generation?

In the last decade, Instagram has gained in popularity and it has great potential for businesses of all sizes and niches. Why? Around 90% of 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram follow at least one business profile on the platform. This means high interest in brand communication from customers who are active on the platform.

When it comes to Instagram lead generation, here are five main reasons why marketers show interest in it:

  • Broad customer base. Instagram is a world-known social media platform with the majority of users aged between 18-44 years who access the platform from different countries. For marketers, it gives an opportunity to reach your target audience, no matter what your product or service is.
  • High user engagement. Out of modern social media platforms, Instagram remains the one with the higher user engagement as people show great interest in published content. When users are involved, it’s easier (and cheaper) to generate leads which makes Instagram a great platform for lead gen.
  • Strong purchase intent. Modern Instagrammers use the platform for product discovery and purchase as they find it easier to browse products and make purchase decisions on the platform they use often. With strong purchase intent, users are more likely to become leads when they have an interest in your company.
  • Variety of lead gen tools. For creating a strong lead generation strategy, having a wide array of tools and features which an opportunity to achieve a final goal faster. From the bio link to clickable story links, lead gen ad objectives, and the popularity of influencer marketing, Instagram has a great variety of lead gen tools.
  • Affordable costs. Since people have a strong interest in discovering products in-app, the average Instagram ad cost varies between $0.20 to $2.50 per click, making it one of the most affordable platforms for lead generation. What is more, Instagram has options for organic lead generation which makes the process even more attractive in terms of price.

Who may want to give Instagram Lead Generation a try?

As a great lead generation platform, Instagram can be a good option for the following categories:

  • Marketers
  • Sales reps
  • Companies of all sizes and niches (owners)
  • Agencies
  • Content creators

Remember: Instagram is not just for B2C companies anymore. It has become an effective platform for B2B companies that also have an interest in getting leads. 

What is more, using lead tracking, it doesn’t take much time or effort to understand more about your leads and find out those who come from Instagram. As a result, it can be easy to track lead gen performance and therefore make the most out of Instagram marketing.

Main tactics for Instagram Lead Generation

1. Add action buttons 

With a business profile on Instagram, you can optimize your account for lead generation by adding action buttons that make the process of gathering contact info faster. Whether you include a phone number or email address as a contact button, you can get contacts from people who want to get in touch. And when your business focuses on services, you can add other action buttons like ‘Book’/’Reserve’/’Get Tickets’ and generate highly relevant leads with ease. 

2. Include a lead generation landing page

Although Instagram isn’t the best option for promoting links, it still offers all users an opportunity to include one link in the bio that grabs the attention of users who taps on your profile. For Instagram lead generation, there’s no better way to use this link than including a lead generation landing page. However, you should also write a strong call to action in the bio for more conversions.

3. Run Instagram lead generation ad campaigns

Instagram advertising is extremely effective and it also has the right ad objective for those who aim at generating leads. When you run Instagram lead generation ad campaigns, you make it faster and easier to reach your potential customers while cutting through the noise and collecting contact information like emails or phone numbers.

4. Invest in in-depth content

When you share valuable and useful content on Instagram, your profile attracts the right audience who are more likely to give you their contact information in exchange for more insights from you. That’s why writing compelling Instagram posts should be a part of your content marketing strategy if you’re interested in Instagram lead generation.

5. Collaborate with Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is taking the world by storm as brands get an opportunity to get in front of their target audience with a strong product recommendation from trusted opinion leaders. What is more, influencer marketing comes in many shapes and forms, so Instagram influencers can help you generate leads. For example, you can invite niche influencers to spread the word about your product launch and ask them to invite their followers to sign up for an exclusive early-access email list.

6. Host an Instagram giveaway

People have always been fans of free products or perks. Instagram marketers know that hosting a giveaway can be a powerful tactic for higher user engagement and much more. For example, you can ask your participants to fill out a lead gen form and these people will be happy to give you contacts for a chance to win something useful. 

7. Provide customer support on Instagram

It’s no secret that people spend a considerable amount of time on Instagram. Since the majority of users crave business communication, a growing number of customers also choose this platform for customer inquiries. When you choose to provide customer support on Instagram, not only do you increase customer satisfaction, but you also get a chance to generate more leads from involved people who have a strong interest in your company.

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