How Othership used Breathwork to reach the #1 spot on Product Hunt

We chat to Brian Von Ancken, Head of Partnerships at Othership, about breathwork, revolutionising wellness for busy tech...
Dane Cobain
14 Jul 2022   8 min read   

How Peak Culture used Product Hunt to kickstart its launch and to take on its first users

We talk to Peak Culture co-founder Srdjan Sukara to learn how he and his team took the number one spot on Product Hunt.
Dane Cobain
30 Jun 2022   8 min read   

How Kosy picked up over 1,000 new users by ranking first on Product Hunt

Learn how Kosy was able to rank first on Product Hunt, generating over a thousand new signups to their service in the pr...
Dane Cobain
30 Jun 2022   7 min read   

How Lili used Product Hunt to scale up and secure success with a #1 spot

Learn how Lili used Product Hunt to gain traction for their personal health assistant and preventative healthcare applic...
Dane Cobain
30 Jun 2022   6 min read   

How MenubarX Grew by 79,900% in One Day by Launching in Product Hunt

We chatted to MenubarX founder Zed Huang to learn how launching on Product Hunt helped to take them from five users to 4...
Dane Cobain
21 Jun 2022   7 min read   

Upvotes for Upgraded Spreadsheets: How Grist Became #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

With hundreds of products launching every day, if you want the attention of the Product Hunt community, you need to be d...
Sarah Wisbey
21 Jun 2022   6 min read   

How 100 Days of No Code Hacked Their Way to the Top of Product Hunt

Spyros chats to Max from 100 Days of No Code about how ranking first on Product Hunt helped them to bring more people in...
Dane Cobain
01 Jun 2022   8 min read   

The Secret Behind Insured Nomads’ #1 Product of the Day

The timing of your launch, your existing community, and the effort you put in on the day are all common themes in Spyros...
Sarah Wisbey
26 May 2022   5 min read   

How NotionForms Ranked #1 On Product Hunt with a Little Help from Their Friends

To find out how it achieved the coveted top spot, GrowthMentor's Spyros chatted with founder Julien Nahum.
Dane Cobain
25 May 2022   5 min read   

How Amy Became the Usain Bolt of Meeting Preparation by Ranking #1 on Product Hunt

Spyros caught up with Ido, VP of Product at Amy, to learn more about their Product Hunt preparations and campaign.
Dane Cobain
19 May 2022   8 min read   

Contra Had Multiple #1 Product of the Day Product Hunt Launches: Here’s How

Following a position as #1 Product of the Day, not once but twice, and Product of the Week positions, the team at Contra...
Sarah Wisbey
18 May 2022   7 min read   

How Mason Became #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

From a failed Product Hunt launch to #1 Product of the Day and Golden Kitty Award!
Sarah Wisbey
11 May 2022   7 min read   

How Startup Recipes Became #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

We sat down with Yucel and Umut, co-founders of the Startup Recipes to learn the recipe for a successful Product Hunt la...
Sarah Wisbey
04 May 2022   7 min read   

How Pallo Became #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Growth Mentor’s Spyros had a chat with Henry from Pallo to learn more about setting Product Hunt goals, product launch p...
Sarah Wisbey
28 Apr 2022   7 min read   

How Teamble Became #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

We sat down with Erbil Yaman, founder of Teamble. He shared his journey to a successful Product Hunt launch and the step...
Sarah Wisbey
20 Apr 2022   9 min read