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Steven Tate

Founder at Rank & File
I build brands, design cutting-edge marketing strategies, and mentor and build world-class marketing organizations. This results in scaling businesses from $0 in revenue to seven figures of ARR, and marketing ROI of 10x or more.

Phillip Lanos

Podcast Professional | Co-Host of an Entrepreneur Magazine featured Podcast
Over 6 years of experience as an editor a producer and strategist for podcasting. From initial concept to MVP and a final launch - each stage I have gone through many a time. I believe I can help.

Anne Chatpra

SaaS Product Manager, Marketing and Branding Strategist
I help entrepreneurs in health & wellness take an idea to the next stage of growth. Current Product Manager for Healthtech SaaS software. Branding & Marketing expert, and e-commerce enthusiast.

Stella Guan

Education & E-Commerce Founder, UI/UX Designer, Wordpress Expert, Furniture Designer
Stella Guan is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, design educator and speaker. She is the Founder & CEO of Path Unbound, a UI/UX design school and Bezier Home, a multi-functional, mid-century modern statement furniture brand.

Erika Barbosa

Head of Growth Marketing | GTM Strategy | Empathetic Leader | SaaS
I’m a high-growth marketing leader who is revenue minded with 15+ years of experience in demand generation, growth marketing and data analysis. I have a value-driven track record of creating and executing data-driven strategies to drive revenue growth and bringing products to market.

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80 min

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55 min

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