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Todd Hoff

Growth focused B2B Innovation & Strategic Marketing Leader
Todd brings more than 25 years of working in innovation, marketing, and product-related roles across a variety of industries including Materials, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Electronics to Food Service, and Retail applications.

Pedro Goes

CEO and Founder @ InEvent.
I am currently the CEO of InEvent. InEvent is a Y Combinator venture backed company providing an event, marketing and sales platform for Forbes 2000 Global companies, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Santander, Unilever, Boeing, Embraer and Citibank.

Elaina Smith

CFO and Fintech Co-Founder
I'm a fintech platform co-founder with strong accounting & payments background.

Jonny Silberman

Head of Measurement & Analytics at Google
10+ years in digital analytics, I currently lead a team of analysts at Google focused on Big Box retail. I am passionate about marketing measurement and can advise on things such as Brand Measurement, Market Mix Models and Incrementality Experiments.

Alex Kelly

Senior Software Development Manager
I'm a software development manager by day - a mentor and startup consultant by night. I've spent the last ten years working at Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, GE, and GM. When I'm free, I can be found at hackathons, technical conferences, outside flying drones, or on a date with my wife.

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