Mastering the Art and Science of Product Marketing: Product Launch and OKRs

Posted on 11 Jun 2022
Product Marketing
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Every launch has a story — sometimes a good collaboration and mostly ones focused on the struggle.

A launch is not a destination, it's a journey. The day of the announcement is not the end all and be all. That’s when the launch starts.

We need to measure true success by tracking the metrics post launch. That’s where every step in the launch is a milestone, even the day of announcement. The launch is complete when we meet our key metrics.

You'll learn:

  • How to prioritize the launch in the right way to bring the right resources together. Not every launch is a tier 1 launch
  • OKRs and Post launch success — Launch is only getting started on the day of the announcement. How we measure and define our 30–90–180 day metrics can make or break a launch.

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The mentors in this video

Div Manickam Mentor | Author | Explorer

Div Manickam is a mindful soul and a believer in simplicity. Like an alchemist, Div loves the magic of bringing two worlds together. From frameworks in product marketing to mentoring, she enjoys sharing her experiences on authentic leadership, mindfulness, product marketing and mental wellbeing.

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