Mastering the Art and Science of Product Marketing: Messaging and Positioning

Posted on 11 Jun 2022
Product Marketing
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Are you looking for the recipe for marketing your product and solution?

Finding the true essence of Product Marketing. Ingredients for product marketing recipe: messaging and positioning, buyer persona, product and solution launch, market and competitive intelligence.

Product Marketing comes in different flavors. I like to think of it as a culinary experience — the same ingredients with a few secret spices can change the flavor and taste.

When I started to learn about product marketing, I had to find out what our secret ingredients would be. This redefined what product marketing means and established a new definition or recipe for marketing products and solutions in the world.

So, what are our secret ingredients in product marketing to drive product and solution adoption and industry growth?

  1. Messaging and Positioning
  2. Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey
  3. Product and Solution Launch with OKRs

Ep 1: Messaging and Positioning
The messaging and positioning framework creates the central source of truth for all product marketing efforts from content development to launch and enablement to press releases and announcements.

A single voice of the market and the customer is necessary to build a cohesive and consistent theme for the story arc. And that ownership lies with the PMM to be the steward and advocate for the market and the customer.

You'll learn:

  • Learn to focus on messaging and positioning as the first step to master the art and science of product marketing
  • Examples on how to craft your positioning with customer pain points and value proposition (What, Why and How)

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The mentors in this video

Div Manickam Mentor | Author | Explorer

Div Manickam is a mindful soul and a believer in simplicity. Like an alchemist, Div loves the magic of bringing two worlds together. From frameworks in product marketing to mentoring, she enjoys sharing her experiences on authentic leadership, mindfulness, product marketing and mental wellbeing.

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