How to identify your critical growth channels

Posted on 12 Dec 2022
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Confidently determine where to focus, where to experiment, and what to ditch.

Instead of spraying and praying, understand which marketing channels actually make sense for you and your business. 

Linkedin? Tiktok? Influencers? Billboards? Which channel should you be using to grow your business?

The answer is, of course: it depends on your business!

One size marketing doesn't fit all, but one framework can. I'll give you the tools to figure out what marketing channels make the most sense for you, based on YOUR goals and resources. 

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • How to clearly connect your marketing efforts to your business strategy
  • How to get your customers to tell you what channels work best
  • How to simplify your to-do list and optimize for business impact
  • When to experiment and when to scale up
  • How to distinguish between channels that look good for you vs ones that actually ARE good for you
  • How to handle feedback from that one investor who thinks you HAVE to be running ads on Snap 

The mentors in this video

Lisa Kennelly CMO

Startup exec, marketing strategist, people manager, mentor and coach. I’ve worked in the US and Europe, in startups and agencies, from early stage to scale-ups. I have particular experience growing mobile apps, scaling marketing teams/companies, and developing a company brand strategy.

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