You’ve made the right decision to take control of your growth game and subscribe to the best startup community around.  Ok, obvs I’m biased – but these people tend to agree 😉

I’m going to run through how an all-star community member would do things.

Community Profile

Not only do the mentors have profiles, but also the members.

We introduced this in 2021 for a few reasons:

  • Mainly the mentors wanted to know more about who they were accepting calls with.  They have these super detailed profiles spilling their beans, so the community profiles are a great way for mentors to learn a bit more about the mentee they are about to spend time with.
  • Members wanted a way to network with other members.  From brainstorming to co-marketing, we made filters to help users network with intent.
  • Mentors wanted to be able to recognize the folks they were chatting with by leaving them recommendations. Like a logo design is the key to brand recognition, the profile image makes an impression on the mentors.

Profiles are mandatory, but can be hidden from the community feed.  The average user takes less than 5 minutes to fill in their profile upon joining.

TIP : Be genuine when filling in your profile, the mentors want to be able to make a difference and help real people with an open mindset.

Browse Mentors

Once that profile is done, it’s GO TIME!

We’ve got lots of filters that you really should spend some time playing with, but I’ll share my top 3 favs for the sake of brevity.


I’ll just show you what topics people are booking sessions to discuss…

These categories all can be found in the Skills filter on the browse all page.  That filter is where every search *should* start.


Click into this monster filter to really hone in a specific tool that you want to use/understand better

Note that Facebook Ads & Google Ads are in this section in the Pay Per Click area.

Times Available

Want to put a voice to these words you are reading?  Here I am explaining our Times Available filter.  

Use this one.  Trust me.

Add to Lists

When you see a mentor that you would like to speak with at some point (maybe not immediately) click on Add to List on their profile and bookmark them.


You can find them by clicking on the My Connections button, on the top menu.

If you want to truly benefit from your membership, you must view it as a marathon, not a sprint.  You will not change your life by binging on mentor calls as quickly as possible.

Utilize this ‘favorite’ feature by bookmarking mentors that you want to speak with in the future and focusing on whatever task you set out to focus on – if SEO is your goal this week and you see a shiny object fantastic new mentor who specializes in UX, favorite the profile for another week.

TIP: FOCUS!  Seriously think about which area you want to tackle first and request calls on that one topic.

Request your first sessions

Now that you have identified which area you are going to focus on first and used the filters to find the perfect mentor – request a call with them!  And then request 2 more with other mentors with the same skill set 😀

This is just my advice, take it or leave it – book 3 calls straight away to hit the ground running.  You are eager and these people are down to help, so go all in.  The beauty of GrowthMentor is that you can get different perspectives and unbiased opinions from amazing professionals.

TIP: Keep an eye out for our onboarding emails.  They have been carefully manicured over the years based on user feedback.

Join Slack

While you are waiting for the mentors to accept your session requests, take a bit of time to browse our Slack group.

Introduce yourself and #ask-the-community a question.

If you really want to make a grand entrance, scroll up and answer other people’s questions and get involved.

The top 3 beneficial channels (in my opinion) are #ask-the-community, #hiring and #collaboration.

Oh and be sure to keep an eye on #real-time-reviews to see what people are speaking to mentors about.  Remember that ‘add to favorites’ button?  This is a great way to bookmark mentors that you may want to speak with in the future.

Meet the Team

By now Michelle has probably tracked you down and introduced herself 🙂  She’s the go-to for mentor recommendations or any general questions.

We are very involved in the community – you’ll see Foti our founder chiming in often in Slack along with Dani, myself and Spyros (a mentee from 2020 who joined our team in 2021).

Never hesitate to DM any of us on Slack or hit us up on live chat.  One of our core values is human relationships, so put that to the test and reach out!

We are here ready to suggest mentors that would be a good fit for you at each step of the way.

Focusing on one topic at a time is important, so we are totally fine with suggesting people for you each week based on your current struggles.  If you’ve defined the area you want help with, we’ve got the suggestions!

 Video Library

Passive learning is our second favorite type of learning!  Obvs active learning is #1 and we built a whole platform based on just that 😉

Grab some popcorn and a cold beverage and sit back and watch the mentors do what they do best – talk shop.

Video Library

You can filter based on your interests or just catch up on the latest workshops.

TIP: After you watch a video book a call with the mentor to further discuss the focus of their video.

Post a Help Request

Take advantage of this feature.  Fo real!

Post a request stating exactly what you need help with and let the mentors and other community members apply.

You’ll be notified when someone applies and then you can check out their profile and see if you think they are indeed a good fit for the request.  If so, book a call with them.  Simples!

TIP: Want to pay it forward?  Browse the help requests and apply to help where you can.

Create a Habit

Pick a day of the week to designate as your Personal Development Day and set a task in your calendar.

Each week when that reminder pops up, think about what you would like to speak with someone about and get browsing.

This is the number one piece of advice from our existing community members of how to get the most value from this membership.

Startup life is hectic – you need to set time aside or things get lost in the shuffle. 

If you are going to invest in yourself, spend the few minutes to set the reminder 😉

Or hire someone to remind you.  Boss as a service is a great resource to keep you on task.


The networking, hiring and co-marketing collaborations are there for the taking with GrowthMentor membership.  We’ve set it all up for you to be super valuable.  It’s up to you to make the most of your membership.