“GrowthMentor is the place to go to when I do not know important stuff. Because someone else does.”

Spyros Tsoukalas

"I've done 27 calls so far with people from all around the globe, from California to Hong Kong, and from London to New Zealand!"

Spyros Tsoukalas

Founder of SelfGuided & Languages Without Borders
Country Greece
Company Languages Without Borders

What are you working on now?

I run two awesome teams behind two awesome initiatives. 

SelfGuided, a platform that provides self-guided audio tours in the tourist market. To be launched in 2021

Languages without Borders, a non-profit organization that utilizes technology to address social problems.

Our core mentality is creating valuable solutions to target the pain points of our customers.

Before you learned about GrowthMentor, where were you getting advice from?

Before Growth Mentor, I was feeling lucky when “people with knowledge” or “people with experience” would spend some time to answer my questions. In most cases, mentors were hard to find, and committing time to you personally was even more complicated. 

So, after I joined Growth Mentor, I hardly look for advice outside the community. I don’t hesitate to reach out to mentors, and recently I noticed that I do almost two calls per week.

The reason is that I receive answers to my questions in 30 minutes, getting the related input by top people in the field.

Why did you signup to GrowthMentor?

Here is a funny story. I never “signed up” on the platform. The subscription was the prize I received in a startup competition.

Believe it or not, we preferred the 2nd place over the 1st to get in Growth Mentor, and we are glad we made it! The 1st prize was a 10-day trip to New York. 😉

What do you enjoy most about being a member?

I enjoy meeting new & outstanding people from all over the world, forming personal relationships, sharing ideas and experiences and growing all together. 

Here is what I have really enjoyed so far:

  • My 27 calls with people from all around the globe, from California to Hong Kong, and from London to New Zealand
  • My weekly accountability check with Michelle Evans
  • Browsing in the mentors’ list not knowing who to contact first
  • Meeting other mentees in the Slack Community, sharing feedback or even building partnerships 
  • Receiving the best support and coordination by Jessica
  • Engaging with the awesome content that grows out of the community

I even enjoy when the Slackbot informs me about new members. The community is growing 💪

How has GrowthMentor helped you?

I bet you don’t want me to list my pain points for the 27+ calls that I have booked, but here are some highlights:

  • Product Market Fit and Worst Practices with Aggelos
  • UX/UI review with Jonathan 
  • Early Adopters with Tim
  • Product Name with Nikki, Lingo Salad won eventually
  • Pivoting and New Opportunities with Foti
  • Smart Scaling with Anastasia
  • No Coding with Vince

What would you say to somebody who’s on the fence about signing up?

Growing a business is a complicated adventure. 

And most people do not know everything. So when you don’t know something, what do you usually do? I guess you use Google or ignore what you don’t know until you really need it, and then you google. Usually, I would end up with an insane amount of content to process, which at least in my case was ending up in bookmarks. 

Here is what I do now. I look for a Growth Mentor to talk to or post a help request. In 30 minutes you can grow from knowing nothing to knowing what to do next. Give it a try and you will not regret it.

What are you going to use GrowthMentor for next?

I feel I can use it for almost everything. But I do contact mentors for issues that are important for the next steps of my activities, and I wish I knew someone who could guide me having experienced similar “problems”. GrowthMentor is the place to go to when I do not know the important stuff. Because someone else does.

Any specific mentors that stand out in your mind as super helpful?

Nelio is my favorite mentor. 

I got to know him through some accountability calls that we run during spring and I feel him like a friend. We have exchanged value multiple times for various matters, including growth opportunities, startup concepts, and marketing, and have even discussed how we could cooperate. 

I always feel gratitude when he honestly asks me about the matters he could be of help, just because he likes helping people achieve stuff. 

“How else could I help you?”, a simple question with great value!

Recently, he guided me through how to build a marketing budget that I needed. He did it live in a google sheet, explaining every little step along the process. I didn’t know what to say in the end, other than THANKS! 

Based on things you’ve discussed in calls, do you have any results to tell us about?

Easy task.

Along this Growth Mentor journey

  • I have named a board game
  • I have pitched my ideas like I was presenting them to investors
  • I have created strategies for early adopters and smart scaling
  • I have found ways to pivot or re-target my activities
  • I have learned how to track my leads
  • I have received guidance for my mindset and focus
  • I have found out about awesome tools
  • I have avoided mistakes
  • … and many more.

I just realized how much help I have received. Growth Mentor rocks!

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