To run killer ads, you need to get creative with your strategy and hacks. There are plenty of Facebook Ads Blogs out there to inspire you and help you learn Facebook Ads tactics.

But why are Facebook ads so important in the first place?

Facebook advertisements are a great way to promote your blog. They offer a potent advertising platform that enables you to improve the exposure of your blog and enhance website traffic. Your blog can be effectively promoted to a larger audience and potentially attract more readers by using targeted advertising and compelling ad campaigns.

Now, you might be wondering: Are Facebook ads worth it anymore?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Facebook continues to be one of the biggest and most well-known social media networks, with billions of active users. Businesses may efficiently reach their target demographic and get desired results because of Facebook’s comprehensive targeting choices, strong ad formats, and wide reach.

And what’s the best Facebook Ads website for you to improve your skills and master the elusive high conversion ad? Here are our top recommendations.

Before we jump to the list: Want to ‘learn-by-doing?’

If you’re looking for advice specific to your business, get in touch with a Growth Mentor who has Facebook Ads expertise. Your mentor will be able to give you advice based on the problems you currently face with your Facebook Ads. They’ll advise you on the most effective strategies to test in your business.

Our favorite blogs that write about Facebook Ads

An overview of the Facebook Ads Blog

The blog from digital agency Ladder is an invaluable resource for any business looking to up their Facebook Ads game. From blueprints to marketing templates, these actionable resources have your Facebook Ads learning covered.

The blog posts are intricately detailed, easy to follow along, and use helpful screenshots for you to navigate the ever-changing Facebook landscape.

The authors’ expertise in paid social is evident in the high quality of content covered by the blog. They don’t let a Facebook Ads update or algorithm change go unnoticed.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Michael Taylor, John Musci
  • About: Two digital marketing masters; these guys know paid social inside out
  • Specialty/Focus Area: The science of digital marketing; Ladder produces regular in-depth reports on how to master your growth using data


We’re the 3rd largest eCommerce in the world and leaders in performance marketing. Ladder’s strategic way of thinking – of building and launching testing – that helped even a company of our level.

Lennart Gijsen, Global Head of Marketing,


An overview of the Saxifrage Facebook Ads Blog

An incubator for growth ideas, Saxifrage shares insights based on data. The blog covers every aspect of growth experimentation, from tracking and analytics to virality and growth engineering. Articles go deep into the nitty-gritty of these subjects. The founder writes about his experiments and what he’s learned from the execution.

For deep Facebook Ads insight, you need to read the article on why microtargeting is no longer an effective strategy for running your ads.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Michael Taylor
  • About: A passion project, started by cofounder Micheal to share his insights of over ten years running paid ads
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Testing and applying knowledge learned from growth experiments


Michael helps me to understand complex concepts in simple terms and suggest solutions for my concerns. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend him!

Tom Nguyen

Social Media Hat

An overview of the Social Media Hat Facebook Ads Blog

This blog gives a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to readers to help them improve their social media tactics through a variety of posts.

The Social Media Hat blog explores issues including personal branding, video content ROI, and successful social media communication.

In their “Social Media Marketing Wisdom from a Galaxy Far, Far Away” they even draw inspiration from popular culture like Star Wars!

Overall, the blog provides visitors with a comprehensive grasp of the Facebook ecosystem and advice on how to properly navigate it and run Facebook Ads by examining these many topics.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Mike Allton, Shane Barker, Lindsay Wesche, and more
  • About: Empowering businesses and marketers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Content marketing, analytics, and Social media management tools

Klient Boost

An overview of the Klient Boost Facebook Ads Blog

A performance marketing agency that focuses on increasing client ROI, Klient Boost has an in-depth blog that answers all things Facebook Ads.

Whatever your struggles with learning Facebook Ads, there’s an article here to guide you through. From remarketing to growing local conversions, and keyword research to custom audiences for ads, no topic is left uncovered.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Jonathan Dane (Klient Boost Founder), Kim Fitkin (President), Courtney Taylor (campaign director)
  • About: Experts in managing paid campaigns for huge brands, they have decades of combined Facebook Ads experience
  • Specialty/Focus Area: PPC marketing hacks for every paid channel

Outstanding Agency for Lead Generation

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

They helped us take our campaigns to the next level. They optimize accounts regularly and quickly reduce CPL while increasing conversions. I always felt confident that they were actively optimizing campaigns even if I was not monitoring them. They use a task monitoring tool that allows you to check in on the projects they are working on. They also regularly update their task tracker with notes on what tests they are running and why they are running them. The campaign structure is also very sound. Klientboost starts with manual bidding and once the AI has gathered enough information they will switch it over to smart bidding. Conversion rate optimization is also sound. They will consistently optimize pages even if you are not hounding them every step of the way. I always felt confident that they were fulfilling their part of the bargain when it came to optimizing campaigns and landing pages.

What do you like best?

Their ability to quickly onboard and make an impact.

G2 User in Information Technology and Services

Jon Loomer Digital

An overview of the Jon Loomer Digital Facebook Ads Blog

For marketers and companies trying to improve their Facebook advertising and digital marketing tactics, the Jon Loomer Digital blog is a go-to source. An acknowledged authority on the subject, Jon Loomer writes a blog where he imparts his extensive knowledge, insightful observations, and helpful advice.

The blog discusses a wide range of Facebook advertising-related issues, such as audience segmentation, bidding techniques, performance tracking, campaign optimization, and ad targeting.

In-depth training, case studies, and practical examples are provided by Jon Loomer as he delves into the complexities of Facebook’s advertising platform to assist marketers in comprehending and putting good practices into practice.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Jon Loomer
  • About: The blog offers in-depth tutorials, case studies, and industry updates to empower marketers of all levels. From beginners to experienced professionals, this blog caters to a wide audience, providing clear and concise guidance on topics such as ad targeting, campaign optimization, audience segmentation, and more
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Facebook advertising and marketing

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An overview of GrowthMentor's coaches and mentors

Aaron Zakowski

An overview of the Aaron Zakowski Facebook Ads Blog

Aaron has spent his career putting millions of dollars into Facebook Ads with his agency Zammo. He is a certified authority on all things Facebook advertising and outlines clear strategies you can use to make Facebook video ads succeed.

His blog is his way to give back to the start-up community and share the knowledge years of working on paid campaigns have given him.

His podcast SaaS Marketing Superstars is another excellent resource. Each episode delves deep as Aaron picks the brains of high-growth SaaS founders and CMOs. They discuss all things growth strategy and how they’ve overcome common start-up challenges.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next ad campaign, download his ‘Scaling Framework for Facebook Ads’ PDF. It will teach you the exact systems you need to scale your ads.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Aaron Zakowski
  • About: Aaron has spent millions of $ on Facebook and Instagram ads to generate over a million leads for his SaaS and Ecommerce clients. He pours all his knowledge and findings into this blog
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Reducing cost per signup, scaling framework for Facebook Ads

Aaron is one of the most data and results-oriented marketers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His deep understanding of Facebook campaign optimization, A/B testing, goal measurement & other fundamental concepts has enabled us to make Facebook Ads a central component of our lead generation strategy.

Ryan Abrams, Marketing Operations at Zoomin

Ads Cook

An overview of the Ads Cook Facebook Ads Blog

Ads Cook is a tool that allows you to automate and test various versions of your Facebook Ads. The tool provides the data to analyze which elements of the landing page most affect your ad performance. Amongst other services, the tool can write your ad copy for you using AI.

The blog has a breadth of resources, including optimizing your budget, A/B testing, choosing the right objective for your Ads, and how to target your audience effectively.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Co-founder Gavin Larsen
  • About: Gavin’s mission is to ‘​​create the most effortless Facebook advertising experience’ for marketers
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Automating and optimizing Facebook Ads

Biddy Co.

An overview of the Biddy Co. Facebook Ads Blog

A digital agency that knows a thing on two about maximizing ROI: they work for clients big and small, creating, analyzing, optimizing their ad campaigns, and minimizing their Facebook ads cost.

Biddy blog has a series of vlogs on topics such as: where to spend your budget, how to run ads and identify where you’re going wrong with Ads, alongside actionable solutions. If reading long-form content isn’t for you, these bite-sized tips are constructive.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Vlogs by Meredith Schoenberger, Creative Director
  • About: Creating ads that work for your business using quality over quantity
  • Specialty/Focus Area: ROI for your ad spend

The results we’ve had with Biddyco, and continue to have, are pretty amazing. We’ve 5x’d revenue, have a great ROI and they’ve achieved this without negatively affecting our AOV. The results speak for themselves. We love that their team has a great combination of analytics and system for testing, but also have a creative side as well.

Lillian Tung, CMO, FUR

Social Media Examiner

An overview of the Social Media Examiner Facebook Ads Blog

If you are a marketer looking to leverage the power of Facebook Ads Manager and manage effective Facebook ad campaigns, then The Social Media Examiner Facebook Blog is definitely for you.

This site offers professional views, methods, and recommendations for maximizing the impact of Facebook advertising, with a primary focus on assisting businesses in achieving their marketing goals.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Many talented authors who are experts in the field of social media marketing, including Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examine
  • About: It covers topics such as social media platforms, content creation, advertising, and industry news
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Social Media Marketing

Molly Pittman

Former VP of DigitalMarketer, Molly Pitman’s blog is a go-to resource to learn all things digital marketing. She’s a leading digital strategist and entrepreneur. After years of spending millions on Facebook Ads, she knows all about the pitfalls marketers make time after time.

In her book Click Happy, she teaches the core principles of digital marketing and building a successful career in the tech industry.

The purpose of her blog is to help you master growth principles. When it comes to Facebook Ads, she teaches how to grow, scale, and optimize your ad campaigns.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Molly Pittman
  • About: Molly’s invaluable experience managing huge ad budgets gives her valuable insight into what not to do with your ad spending
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Campaign budget optimization, Facebook Ad pitfalls

Working with Molly was a truly wonderful experience, because not only does she know her stuff and gets you results, but she takes all the hard work off of your hands and makes the process actually doable for you.

It’s one thing to get the right advice and know what to do next it’s a whole other experience to also feel encouraged and be celebrated along the way. Molly is the best!

Pat Flynn, Entrepreneur & Podcaster

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Coach’s Corner from Common Thread Collective

An overview of the Coach’s Corner from Common Thread Collective Facebook Ads Blog
Common Thread Collective is another digital agency that shares its detailed insights in its comprehensive blog.

Their blog covers all things digital growth for direct-to-consumer brands. From ad creative that converts to case studies, the blog goes deep on a wide range of topics.

Their 27-point Facebook audit walkthrough details common mistakes you may be making that hinder your ads’ success.

From figuring out the correct pixel installation to the percentage of your spending on the learning phase, this article is invaluable to anyone who wants to fix the flaws in Facebook campaigns. The video walkthroughs are also handy for implementing the theories covered by the blog.

Other beneficial posts on this blog include ‘How to Create Ad Creatives That Convert.’ A growth-focused agency, they know a thing or two about successful creatives for Facebook Ads.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Jimmy Olmos & Lexi Coco
  • About: Both authors manage the paid social for the agency and have extensive experience with using data to drive ad strategy
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Ecommerce businesses

Within days of loading the creative into our Facebook account, the performance took off. In fact, after the first set, we turned right around to buy more.

Ryan Bennion, Kuru Footwear


An overview of the AdEspresso Facebook Ads Blog

The AdEspresso Blog is your go-to resource if you’re trying to improve your Facebook page, and efficiently engage with your target audience.

They have done a great job of keeping up with the most recent alterations and improvements to the Facebook advertising system.

They make sure that readers are knowledgeable about new features, algorithm updates, and market trends that may affect the effectiveness of their advertising.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Althea Storm, Ana Gotter, Mark Quadros, and many more
  • About: The AdEspresso Blog is to equip marketers and advertisers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Ad optimization, campaign management, ad design, analytics, and platform improvements are just a few of the many subjects covered in the site
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Creating a successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook became so strict when it comes to approving ads. It’s much harder now to create an ad where you will say and show what are you advertising. However, at the same time, it pushes you to target your audience better and create a safer online environment, which is a good thing.

Thank you Tory for this in-depth list of possible issues and solutions, it’s much appreciated!

Blog visitor


An overview of the AdLeaks Facebook Ads Blog

The AdLeaks Facebook Blog offers helpful tips and techniques to maximize your advertising efforts based on your campaign objective.

A blog post on their site that really caught my attention was “Can Digital Marketing Contribute to Climate Change?”, in which the author explores the connection between digital marketing and environmental sustainability.

The article promotes providing green incentives to offset emissions and suggests educating customers about the advantages of targeted advertising for the environment and emphasizes sustainability as a top priority in the advertising sector to satisfy customer expectations and foster brand loyalty in its conclusion.

  • Official Website:
  • Author/s: Summer Browne, Rohaan Khan, Kyle Cavaness, Mark Meyer-Malian, and many more
  • About: Some of their posts can help you improve your Instagram Reels, create an online community, create relevant social media material, expand your Facebook groups, and many more
  • Specialty/Focus Area: Marketing and community building

Mastering the Art of Facebook Ads

When getting your Facebook Ads right, you need to be flexible, open to experimentation, and willing to try new concepts. The strategies and tips outlined by the experts we’ve covered here are sure to help you improve your conversion rates and maximize your budget.

If you want an expert to cast their eye over your ad metrics and highlight any red flags, then book a 1-to-1 call with one of Growth Mentor’s FB ad experts. You’ll save time and get answers from someone who knows all about the puzzles of Facebook Ads.