Facebook, whilst being the most advanced digital marketing solution in the world (so far), is still made by humans, and so, sometimes errors happen.

Perhaps you’ve just made a change to your account – you’ve created a new campaign, duplicated an ad, or made a new audience – and suddenly, your account has a big red error, saying you have been blocked from advertising.

Fear not, this isn’t the end. It’s resolvable.

First things first: you need to let them know they made a mistake.

You should see that you can press “Learn more” or “Appeal”. Do this as soon as possible, this will automatically send a message to Facebook’s approvals team. You don’t want to stop just there though, because sometimes it can take them a while to get round to it.

If you haven’t done this, don’t go onto the next step.

If you have, then great. Visit this page where you can find help for your business. From here, you can go one of two ways:

  1. If you have a certain level of spend, you should be able to live chat with the Facebook Concierge team. Just scroll down a little on the page and you’ll see a Live Chat button. There’s usually only a couple of minutes of wait and you’ll be directed straight to a human. This is a great way to make sure you have gotten their attention.
  2. If you’re not quite at that level yet, you’ll still be able to send an email to the same team, by filling out a support form. This will go directly to the Concierge team too and will help them respond to your appeal faster.

Normally, these appeals take up to 48 hours to be reviewed, so they will tell you to be patient. But, once that time has elapsed, go back to the Business Help page linked above and request an escalation via the live chat or email – this should get you sorted.