All your questions about mentorship, answered

Why should I talk to a Facebook ads mentor?

Of all the ads platforms, Facebook is one of the few that can eventually produce huge ROI without a similarly massive spend.

But getting that coveted ROAS takes a lot of time, tweaks, and money wasted on poor-performing campaigns while you’re testing.

Because while Facebook’s ads platform is powerful, it’s also saturated. Channel fatigue and ad-blindness are rampant, making it more important than ever to stand out with unique creatives.

Plus, the vast number of campaign customization options can be intimidating for a platform newbie.

Yes, there are plenty of DIY guides and best practices out there. But theory and practice are two very different beasts.

Wouldn’t you rather have confidence in every campaign you launch?

You can. Just talk to a Facebook Ads mentor.

What can a Facebook ads mentor do for me?

Most Facebook ads mentors have run hundreds of campaigns over their careers. Some have even been running Facebook ads since the platform got its start.

These mentors have the real-world experience you need to give your campaigns an edge.

With a mentor’s advice, Facebook’s algorithm will be less of a black box. You’ll understand what limits your campaign’s visibility, what can get your ads rejected or flagged, and what copy and creatives tend to resonate better with Facebook’s audience.

For more advanced campaign managers, a Facebook mentor can walk you through niche targeting tactics, detailed frameworks to test creatives and ad copy, and how to manage large ad spend budgets. They can even show you examples of their own campaigns so you can learn from them.

So you can get an even great ROAS with less time, testing, and money, regardless of your experience level.

Should I talk to a Facebook mentor now?

Whether you’re considering running Facebook ads or already running them, you should talk to a mentor.

If you haven’t started on the platform yet, your mentor can teach you the ropes. They’ll help you set up a first campaign with attention-grabbing creatives and ad copy, walk you through the different targeting and campaign settings, and advise you on how much to spend and how long to wait before changing your approach.

If you’re already running Facebook ads, a mentor can help you when:

  • Your ad has gotten rejected and you can’t figure out why
  • You’re struggling with limited ad visibility
  • You’ve seen an abrupt negative change in your campaign metrics
  • You want to test new creatives but are all out of ideas
  • You’re testing out a new format or targeting and want to give it the best shot at success

Even for Facebook ad pros, a mentor’s advice can shortcut your optimization curve and help you get the next-level results you’ve been aiming for.

So why wait? Boost your ROAS ASAP by talking to a Facebook ads mentor.