If you’re running or planning to run Facebook Ads campaigns for your business, you probably already considered or doing a retargeting campaign.

Retargeting ads are very often the easiest and cheapest way to get more sales for your business through advertisements, and no wonder they’re so relevant for Facebook marketers.

Yet, many people who try running retargeting campaigns don’t get the results expected.

In this article, you’re going to discover how you can make your Facebook retargeting ads more profitable by tapping into some of the best strategies you can start using today.

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Why Is Retargeting So Effective?

Retargeting is usually more effective than other campaigns simply because you’re showing an ad to someone who has already visited your pages or that you know already it’s interested in a particular topic because of a specific behavior he has shown.

In short, it’s a ‘warmer’ audience that you’re showing your ads to.

Advertising professionals coined the so-called ‘Rule of 7’ to describe this phenomenon.

Basically many successful marketers believe that customers have to be exposed to your offer or brand at least seven times before they would even consider buying your product. That’s why it is a good idea to implement retargeting as part of your strategy to improve Facebook ads performance.

If you consider how many distractions there are in the world we live in, the usual span of attention of people, and how much competition there’s in advertising these days for getting the attention of prospects, this rule is in 2019 more important than ever.

Meet your new best friend : The Pixel

To run Retargeting Ads, you’re going to send Facebook information about the visitors of your website so that you can later ‘follow’ these visitors and show them relevant ads on Zuckerberg’s platform.

The way that Facebook does that is through the so-called ‘Pixel,’ an easy to install tracking code which will get the job done.

If you don’t have a pixel installed on your website yet, I strongly suggest you do this immediately so that you don’t miss out on a powerful way to get in front of your warmest audience by running retargeting campaigns to them.

Don’t know how to set it up? Book a call with a Facebook Ad expert today.

#1 Retargeting Secret: Get the Low Hanging Fruit

The ‘warmest’ audience you want to retarget first with your ads are all those who were close to buying, but they ended up not doing it.

This means that you want to start retargeting those who clicked on your checkout page or that have scrolled through a certain percentage of your sales page.

Software like ConnectRertaget makes running this kind of ‘Beavioural Retargeting ads’ easier than ever.

Your chance of getting a sale right away will be way higher in this case.

I usually show them an ad between the first 3 to 7 days after they’ve visited high-intent pages. Not 30, not 60 days because within seven days they’re warmer, and more probably they’ll remember the page, or they still have the problem that enticed them to click on the first place.

When you pursue this strategy, you want to exclude all of the customers who have already bought the product.  By identifying the visitors of your ‘thank you page’ as those who are not going to see the retargeting ad.

The best ads for ‘low-hanging fruit’ visitors

Social Proof Ads

Social Proof Ads

Social Proof ads work particularly well for retargeting customers who have shown a high interest in your offer.

The might simply need to see some social proof before of buying to encourage them to take action.

Offer Ads

Facebook AD

Offer ads will restate the offer and its benefits. It’s usually very effective for retargeting because the person who’ve visited the page before might have got distracted or simply needed a further push to take action.

Scarcity Ads

Scarcity Ads

Image Source: AdEspresso

If you’re running a special offer that’s going to close soon, you can run a scarcity ad to entice people to take action right now.

#2 Retargeting Secret: Don’t Miss Out On Those Who Clicked Your Links (Even If You Don’t Have a Website Yet)

If your website is not getting lots of traffic yet, or you usually send a lot of traffic to external websites you don’t own such as affiliate offers; it’s time for you to up your strategy.

By using a tool like JotURL, you can include your Facebook Pixel inside of every link you share.

This means that whether you’re sending traffic to a blog post published on a popular website in your niche or to an external site you don’t own, you’re going to get still the chance to show ads for cheap to those who clicked on your link.

Imagine how much easier and cheaper it will be to acquire new customers knowing that they’ve already shown interested in a specific topic because they’ve clicked on a particular page.

The best part is that you can do this even if you don’t have traffic on your site! It only takes a few minutes.

#3 Retargeting Secret: Cross-Promote Your Products

In case your business is selling multiple products, you can start running ads to cross-promote a particular product to a past buyer of another one.

It can be extremely profitable in this case, simply because who have already bought from you know your brand already and has shown significant interest in a particular topic.

The chances they’re going to buy the new product are going to be a lot higher than targeting a cold audience.

Retargeting Ads-02

#4 Retargeting Secret: Use Email Retargeting

If you have an e-mail list with at least 5,000 subscribers already you can start running ads to your them for cheap.

If the quality of the list is high, they’re going to already be interested in a certain topic, offer, and they already know you and your brand.

Tools like ConnectRetarget allows you perfect the targeting of this kind of campaigns and split test between those who have opened the emails and those who haven’t for example.

#5 Retargeting Secret: Use Video Retargeting

If you’re running video ads, another great way you can improve your retargeting ads is by only showing ads to those who have seen more than 3 seconds of your video ads for seven days.

Why not 6, or 10 seconds or more you might ask? I do 3 seconds because it’s enough for me to guess that they’re more interested than all the other ads viewer, and it creates an audience wide enough to show the ads to, while by only doing 7 or 10 seconds the final audience it’s usually not big enough.


Retargeting ads are one of the most critical kinds of campaigns you can run to make your Facebook Ads profitable and increase your sales.

From targeting your low-hanging fruit to showing ads at people who’ve visited sites you don’t even own, using the strategies outlined in this article will help you to level up the performance of your campaigns.