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Get the advice on the most common Facebook Ads challenges such as:

Scaling ad campaigns

Developing strategies to efficiently scale ad spend while maintaining or improving return on ad spend (ROAS) for rapid growth.

Targeting and segmentation

Identifying and refining target customer segments to increase ad relevance and optimize campaign performance.

Creative development and testing

Crafting compelling ad creatives and conducting A/B tests to determine the most effective messaging and design.

Conversion rate optimization

Analyzing and improving the user experience on landing pages and sales funnels to increase conversion rates and maximize ad returns.

Attribution modeling

Establishing a reliable and accurate method to attribute conversions to specific ad campaigns, channels, and touchpoints.

Budget allocation and management

Advising on optimal budget distribution across campaigns, channels, and ad sets to achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Retargeting strategies

Designing and implementing retargeting campaigns to re-engage website visitors and potential customers, increasing conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

Ad account structure and organization

Streamlining ad account setup and organization to improve campaign management efficiency and performance visibility.

Performance reporting and analysis

Setting up comprehensive performance reports and providing actionable insights to drive campaign improvements and inform marketing strategies.

“I know I’d always have a group of experts to turn to and discuss my problems with. It’s really reassuring.”

"Google doesn't always have the answers that I need. Sometimes all I need is someone who can share experiences of what they did when they were in my situation."
Annie Chen Marketer at DOWN Dating App

Get the inside scoop on what's working in facebook ads from operators in the field

If you're looking for a facebook ads consultant to do the work for you, we're not the right solution. But if you want 1-on-1 advice that doesn't cost a fortune, lets talk.

What mentors can help you with:
  • Nurture a "test and learn" mindset
  • Simplify your campaign structure
  • Make sense of attribution models
  • Monitor performance holistically
  • Improve your creatives
  • Make the most of your budget
  • Build an experimentation framework
  • Scale through performance plateaus
  • Leverage your pixel creatively

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Frequently Asked Questions

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GrowthMentor is a platform that connects you with experienced marketing professionals, including Facebook Ads experts, for personalized advice and guidance. Unlike traditional Facebook Ads consultants, GrowthMentor offers flexible, on-demand access to a diverse range of mentors, making it a more cost-effective and scalable solution.

GrowthMentor helps optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns by providing access to mentors who can analyze your current strategy, offer recommendations for improvement, and guide you in implementing changes to maximize your return on ad spend.

GrowthMentor offers various membership plans that can be significantly more affordable than hiring a dedicated Facebook Ads consultant. You can choose a plan that fits your budget and needs, without compromising on the quality of expertise.

To get matched with a Facebook Ads mentor on GrowthMentor, you can browse through the platform’s mentor directory, filter by expertise, and read reviews from other users. Alternatively, you can use the platform’s matching service to get personalized mentor recommendations.

No, there are no long-term commitments required with GrowthMentor. You can choose between monthly or annual plans and cancel your subscription anytime, giving you the flexibility to use the service as long as you need it.

Yes, GrowthMentor offers support for various marketing channels and strategies, including SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and more. You can find mentors with expertise in different areas to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Once you’ve chosen a mentor, you can schedule a session through the GrowthMentor platform. Sessions are typically conducted via video call, and you can use the platform’s integrated tools to communicate and share information with your mentor.

GrowthMentor ensures the quality and expertise of their mentors through a rigorous selection process. Mentors must have a proven track record of success, demonstrate deep knowledge in their area of expertise, and exhibit excellent communication skills to be accepted on the platform.

Here are some tips.

  • Come into this with realistic expectations. They’re mentors, not magicians.
  • Ask your mentor if they’d be ok with you recording your screen with Loom
  • Give contextual information to help paint the picture of your current situation.
  • Growth mentors will be asking you lots of questions, answer them as openly as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of question-asking. Be inquisitive. Stories are gold.
  • Don’t feel pressure, just relax.
  • Try to form mental patterns, especially if you speak with multiple mentors.
  • Embrace alternative views. Ask the mentors to challenge your assumptions.
  • Be friendly. If you’re likable, the mentors will be your biggest supporters (even after the call is over).

Pros of consultants:

Consultants offer more tangible value than mentors as a significant portion of their contribution comes in via deliverables.

Cons of consultants:

High hourly rates and retainers. The relationship is transactional in nature. Valuable knowledge is locked away in the minds of third parties if you decide to outsource executables.

Pros of mentors:

Mentors are primarily driven by intrinsic values and may be more relatable in terms of roles and responsibilities to you than a consultant.

Cons of mentors:

Mentors do not offer hands-on support. They’re there to guide you, but you have to put in the work to make things happen which will take more time.

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