RevOps; the secret to revenue success

Posted on 06 Feb 2023
Growth Design
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75% of all businesses will adopt a RevOps operating model by 2025

Robots won't take your job - they'll make it better.

RevOps is not just an operating model, it's a paradigm.

RevOps has three key components; people, process, and tech alignment.

If any or all of these are dysfunctional you will only continue to amplify this by adding in more shiny technology tools.

Now is the time to STOP, review your investments and technology against your growth goals and really identify where your revenue leakage is coming from.

More often than not, it is due to the misalignment of people, roles, and then broken tech that drives everyone crazy!

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • How to get started with RevOps in your business
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of magpie (shiny object chasing)
  • Who in the business should be driving and accountable for RevOps
  • The benefits and how you can accelerate 3x your revenue goals
  • Recommendations on B2B best revtech

The mentors in this video

Sarah Harkness
Sarah Harkness CRO and revenue coach

CRO and revenue coach for organisations looking to grow their revenue and keep it in flow. A cofounder in Cattle Dog Digital I lead lead marketing, sales, customer service, finance and operations experts successfully implement, improve and iterate their company’s RevOps.

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