Principles of Product Growth

Posted on 14 Feb 2023
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How to grow fast and acquire users without spending on Sales and Marketing

5 proven principles that tech startups use to achieve Product Led Growth.

1) Understand principles that help you build product features as the primary driver of customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

3) We will focus on the first five principles and how some of these can be applied in helping build Growth experiments.

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • What is Product Growth Management
  • What is Growth Experimentation
  • How to build hypotheses and ideas for experimentation
  • 5 Principles of Product Growth
  • How to apply them with examples

The mentors in this video

Anand A Advisor & Investor, Ex-Facebook Product Growth Leader & helped build 2 Billion dollar startups

Product Growth Leader -> Ex-Facebook Product Growth lead, managed growth of Instagram and Facebook products. Built 2 billion dollar valued Silicon valley startups.

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