Live Onboarding Teardown with Kate Syuma

Posted on 04 Dec 2023
Design / UXGrowth Design
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Your activation rate can make or break your company.

Consider this activation puzzle: 

  • Most product users drop off after their first session
  • Yet activated users convert to paid at 3-10X higher rates.

And the difference between a legion of raving fans and crickets chirping in your dashboards? Your onboarding experience.

So watch as GrowthMentor's onboarding takes the hot-seat and learn best practices to get major player results even if you don't have a major player budget.

You'll learn:

  • The three major mistakes most onboarding sequences make (and what to do instead) 
  • How to experiment on your onboarding to get real results 
  • The difference between "good" and "bad" friction (and when to use "good" friction)
  • Three best practices that can improve onboarding for almost any product

The mentors in this video

Kate Syuma Growth Advisor | ex-Miro Head of Growth Design | PLG and User Experience

Kate is a Growth Advisor with diverse experience in building products that combine great user experience with a real business impact.

Previously, Kate was shaping the product through hyper-growth at Miro for 6+ years, passing through company growth from Startup to Business at Scale.

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