Resume Best Practices

Posted on 17 Oct 2022
Mindset Coaching
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What makes your resume stand out among the 1000s of applications?

There are five key elements to include in a resume: the first is your contact. Keep it to the minimum information as necessary. Your name, location, email, address and phone number. 

Next, include a summary, relevant experience, education and skills. That's what a resume is. It's an overview of your qualification, experience, skills, education, and accomplishments.

And for a professional resume, here are a few elements to consider:

  • Keep it simple with consistent font style. 
  • Focus - Resume is not a list of everything you have done. It's supposed to tell a few relevant accomplishments and why they should hire.
  • Clean format - 12pt font, one-inch margin, sections, and 1.5 line spacing can give the hiring manager a good first impression. White space matters.

You'll learn:

  • Key Elements in a Resume
  • Worst Resume Mistakes
  • Where to get started - Summary -> Metrics and Results

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Div Manickam Mentor | Author | Explorer

Div Manickam is a mindful soul and a believer in simplicity. Like an alchemist, Div loves the magic of bringing two worlds together. From frameworks in product marketing to mentoring, she enjoys sharing her experiences on authentic leadership, mindfulness, product marketing and mental wellbeing.

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