Make better product decisions with growth experiments

Posted on 26 Aug 2021

A step-by-step framework for product leaders

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Decision-making? Culture of innovation? How can experimentation help me?

Leaders face uncertainty and are constantly challenged to make complex decisions with sub-optimal data.

The path to improving business KPI and solving customer problems is never a straight line.

In this workshop, Positive John shares his experience using experimentation to increase confidence in decision-making and promote a culture of innovation.

We will cover an anonymised case-study going through the process. Bring your curiosity and questions for a dynamic and productive discussion!

You'll learn:

  • Why experiments in the first place? How does it support decision-making
  • Different experimentation workflows — Product Initiatives, CRO, and Safety Net
  • How to understand experiment as a process with a real (but simplified) example

The mentors in this video

John Ostrowski Principal Growth Experiments at iTech Media

They call him Positive John for a reason, so much energy and enthusiasm and full of super helpful advice”. I worked in the dynamic environment of growth agencies and fast-growing product startups. The marketing journey started with analytics and applied statistics for conversions and grew up to Growth Experiments, my field of expertise.

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