How to organise and prioritise marketing ideas to grow your startup

Posted on 27 Dec 2021
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Understand how to maximise the efficiency of your marketing efforts using data

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Discover how to organise and prioritise your marketing experiments to minimise time and maximise output.

We all have a million ideas about what to do when we are growing our startup, but actually organising and prioritising them can feel impossible. In this friendly and practical workshop, I will share my process of easily planning, organising, and prioritising your marketing activities so as to maximise your results.

You'll learn:

  • How to consolidate different marketing ideas
  • How to ensure you focus on the most impactful ideas all the time
  • Common mistakes people make when organising their work
  • Understand how to use data in prioritising your work
  • How to stop focusing on vanity marketing efforts due to your ego

The mentors in this video

Daniel Johnson Growth Consultant for Ambitious Tech Startups | Fractional CMO | Mentor @ Google

I focus on creating scalable, predictable and repeatable growth machines for startups using digital marketing and data-driven experimentation.

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