iOS14 Broke Our Tracking: What Do We Do?

Posted on 04 Oct 2021
Data and Analytics

Privacy-friendly marketing attribution

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You can still make data-driven marketing decisions without violating user's privacy.

Back in the 1950s nobody 'clicked' on ads... so how did they measure ROI? Marketing Mix Models helped Don Draper prove performance in the past, but they're also the future. They use aggregate data, so they're the only privacy-friendly, iOS14/GDPR/Adblocker-proof attribution solution available.

Don't sweat the math: anyone can build their first model in an afternoon in Excel/GSheets. I'll give you my template, and show you how to measure the true ROI of your campaigns: no user data required.

You'll learn:

  • What types of companies should use Marketing Mix Modeling for attribution
  • When to use this technique and what it's strengths/weaknesses are
  • What data you need, how much and in what format to build a working model
  • Tips and tricks for modeling, and solutions to common problems you'll run into
  • How to use my template, and what other options there are available (including code)
  • How to test your model's predictions, and how to present recommendations to leadership

The mentors in this video

Michael Taylor Co-Founder @ Vexpower | Marketing Memeticist | Ex-Founder @ Ladder

Data-driven, technical marketer with 11 years experience, 8,000 experiments run, and $50m optimized across all 4 major growth channels. Author of Marketing Memetics, Co-Founder at Vexpower, Ex-Founder at Ladder.

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