Mastering Engagement Lifecycle Marketing

Posted on 31 Mar 2022
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Optimizing engagement through lifecycle marketing

Build lifecycle marketing strategies to optimize engagement.

While every subscription-based business is different, they share the common goal of moving users from downloading the app, or signing up for an account to become highly engaged power users.

In this online workshop we’ll explore lifecycle marketing strategies to optimize user engagement and convert them from regular users to power users.

You'll learn about:

  • Identifying engagement opportunities
  • Lifecycle marketing frameworks for engagement optimization
  • Content personalization in lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Using data to improve your lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Measuring the success of your lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Building lifecycle marketing strategies for dormant users

The mentors in this video

Vahe Baghdasaryan Senior Growth Marketing Manager

I’m a Product and Growth Marketing Manager, having experience on working in consumer startups. I can help you in defining and analyzing your retention, setting up activation and engagement strategies as well as churn prediction and resurrection. So, just sign up and let’s talk!

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