How Careem Acquired & Activated 1,352,000 users from this 30 second video

Posted on 14 Dec 2020
Product Management
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About this talk

Careem is a ride-hailing start-up operating in the Middle East. I was their first Marketing Guy with an impossible task: put the brand on the radar and beat Uber at its own game with a tiny marketing budget.

Recently, Careem was bought out by Uber for 3.1B$. It became the first Tech Unicorn of the region.

How did we do this? Back then, we couldn't compete with Uber on Ads Spend. So, we launched this 30-second UNBRANDED shaky video about a failed human slingshot.

That's how we activated 1,352,000 users in 13 days.

Join the Talk! Learn the technical details and the nifty Growth Hacks which allowed us to beat Uber at its own game 😈

The mentors in this video

Nelio Leone Growth Marketing Black Belt

I left a corporate career to join a random startup as their first marketer. 3 years later that random startup, Careem, got acquired by Uber for 3.1B$, becoming the #1 Tech Unicorn from the Middle East and Africa. That’s how I’ve earned my Black Belt in Marketing. Yalla, let’s hop on a call!

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