Use your inner impostor to your advantage

Posted on 21 Jul 2021
Mindset Coaching

Turn your self doubt into your superpower

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You don’t have to overcome impostor syndrome before you can make an impact. There’s a better way, and it can make it easier for you to write, to sell and even to go on video

Feeling like an impostor is common, but being told: “just do it!” or “don’t overthink it” rarely works. By turning the focus off yourself and onto the client you’re serving, you can make great strides, even if you don’t feel confident.

You'll learn:

  • You don’t have to overcome impostor syndrome first
  • You can live with impostor syndrome and still make good money, part of the trick is to get out of your own head
  • Service businesses depend on dialogue, and impostor syndrome is a monologue
  • Practical tactics for beating writer’s block, fear of the camera, and sales reluctance
  • Bite-sized steps to get some immediate progress

The mentors in this video

Anthony English Impostor Syndrome Coach

If you’re finding it hard to see what value you’re really bringing to your clients, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re a creator, or you’re technical, but the sales side, and impostor syndrome can hold you back. That was me, too.

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