The Start-Up Mindset

Posted on 15 Nov 2021
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How do you practice and implement the do-what-it-takes approach

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Wearing multiple hats? Learn how to keep the energy and positive vibes even when it's tough

As an entrepreneur, I have traversed the full journey from a 5-people startup in a basement to a corporation of 500 employees.

During this process, I wore multiple hats from customer success, product management, structure, growth, and management of a global multi-cultural workforce.

The journey culminated in the acquisition of Reflexis Systems by Zebra Technologies for more than $ 560 mn.

Come, let us take a look inside the early days of a startup.

You'll learn:

  • Challenges of early days in a startup
  • The do-what-it-takes mindset
  • Prioritizing and dealing with a variety of tasks
  • Staying motivated and having positive vibes
  • Working as a team and playing to each other's strengths
  • Staying the course and winning

The mentors in this video

Narayanamurthy Raghupathy Co-Founder of Reflexis Systems, now part of Zebra Technologies

Successful entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the global IT arena. Co-founded Reflexis Systems Inc. ( and nurtured it to a valuation of well over half a billion. Passionate about mentoring and guiding budding young entrepreneurs to success through inculcation of the right attitude and values to complement excellent skills and vision. Customer focus and do-what-it-takes approach are the cornerstones to success.

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