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Posted on 10 Jun 2022
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Prepare, organize and launch your new product successfully 

Many makers and startups use Product Hunt as the first stop to get their business in front of people. 

However, most launches are awful and no one cares. 

You end up wasting all your efforts and deciding that this is not going to work. 

Sound familiar? I hear you! 

Here's a workshop on what to avoid and what to consider before launching Product Hunt. 
1. How to avoid being a Product Hunt spammer
2. Why is it important to pre-launch your product? 
3. What do successful product hunters have in common?

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare for a Product Hunt launch 
  • How to get Supporters properly 
  • 3 Failures and 2 Successful Case Studies
  • Why you need to be an Active Supporter before launching your own product 
  • Steal my Launch Checklist

The mentors in this video

Felix Wong Growth Marketer | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Ex-Techstars

Hey! I’m a Growth Marketer based in Hong Kong. Previously, I worked for Techstars, managed a venture fund, co-founded and led 3 startups. Outside of work, I’m a big fan of #NoCode, early-stage startups, community, and UI/UX design. Happy to exchange ideas over a digital coffee!

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