Build a Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine with Outbound Prospecting (2022 version)

Posted on 09 Nov 2022
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Mark Colgan is revisiting Lead Generation through Outbound Prospecting, following the workshop he ran for the GrowthMentor Summit in 2019.

Since then, deliverability has gotten harder, and personalization isn't as effective as it used to be.

But really understanding your customers and their pain points is still highly relevant and can change the way you approach them.

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • A comparison of the process with Nov 2019, including ICPs, Soft CTAs and Segmentation
  • Relevancy beating everything else when messaging people
  • Common mistakes including spare domains, warming up, or blurry personas
  • A framework for the initial email and a strategy for the next steps of the sequence

You can always watch the 2019 version of this workshop in our Video Library.

The mentors in this video

Mark Colgan B2B SaaS | Outbound Sales, Product Onboarding, Brand Building via Podcasts & Marketing Automation | Techstars '18

Let’s talk if you need pointing in the right direction with: ✔ Lead sourcing strategies ✔ Building a predictable & scalable outbound sales process ✔ Digital PR / Podcasts ✔ All things Marketing Automation related ✔ B2B SaaS Product Onboarding ✔ Egyptian Technofunk

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