How to Bring Structure to Your Business

Posted on 20 Nov 2021

Create robust and scalable business practices

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How about you start working on your business, rather than for it?

You know your product and your customers well and love working on these aspects of your business. Others aspects can be less sexy and are therefore often neglected. Don't let this hinder your business growth.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of having systems in your business (software and processes)
  • What activities you should and should not be doing yourself
  • How to identify activities to outsource
  • How to identify your key performance indicators
  • How to prioritise

The mentors in this video

Gunter Richter Founder of The Agile Career Podcast | Coach | Strategy and Business Consultant

I help organisations and individuals improve their performance through business and technology change. I have delivered business transformation across many organisations, spanning multiple industries such as telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

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