Design Thinking for Scalability

Posted on 17 Oct 2022
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Grow and scale your business, with a simple everyday method 

Is your team ready to explore the Agile Methodology?

It is much easier, faster and profitable than what you think.

The approach to Agile methodologies can seem a bit messy to start with.

We'll explore Design Thinking method from the very begging, to the very end of the process.

You'll find how this way of organizing your teams, projects, and/or company, will soon reflect on your growth metrics.

Bring curiosity, and many questions!

You'll learn:

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • From A to Z, the process and each step
  • Tools and metrics for each step
  • Always beta mindset
  • And now… how I can implement it?

The mentors in this video

Candelaria Narvaez Growth, Marketing & Product development

I’ve been working in Growth,Marketing and Product development for more than a decade,leading awesomes teams with data-driven strategies orientation.

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