How to build a community from scratch

Posted on 17 Oct 2022
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A framework to build a group of true fans.

With ad costs rising, many startups try to build communities to attract and retain users.

But there's no shortcut here: you need to put it in the time, the energy and the resources to get it right.

Now is your chance to break it down into actionable steps.

You'll learn:

  • A framework to build a group of true fans
  • The values of your community and define why people should care
  • The game plan to ensure your community has a clear objective for the business
  • Kickstarting the community manually, and the importance of doing things that don't scale
  • Ways to scale your community without losing the engagement

The mentors in this video

Thibaut Briere Growth marketer and entrepreneur in Southeast Asia

Developer turned marketer 15 years ago, now entrepreneur. I’ve helped more than 50 startups define and execute their strategies in Asia, and I mentor for accelerators like Google, Amazon, Facebook and more local ones like Block71 or Antler.

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