GrowthMentor LIVE: Stay Top-of-Mind with The Marketing Waiting Room™

Posted on 21 May 2024
Content Marketing
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Learn how to attract and retain your prospects’ attention until they’re ready to buy, no matter your sales cycle length

Many brands lose these folks because they're not great at keeping the spark alive. They spend loads of cash drawing people in, only for them to forget everything by the time they're ready to buy. 

Don't be that brand.

Justi CG has built a scalable system that helps ambitious brands turn this vague and awkward waiting area into a cool spot where prospects want to hang out, chat it up, and eventually, buy—shutting out the competition.

You'll Learn:
✨ What The Marketing Waiting Room™ is and how to build one
🎯 The best ways to stack channels and tactics for maximum effect
🤓 Real-life Marketing Waiting Room™ examples

The mentors in this video

Justyna Ciecierska Head of Growth at Beducated

Justyna has led growth at agencies and designed strategies for giants like Cisco. Currently, she’s the founder of, innovating products for startups and solopreneurs.

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