Setting the basis for your fundraising efforts

Posted on 18 Jul 2022
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Pitch-deck and out

Overwhelmed by the fundraising process?

This workshop will provide you with an action plan and strategic tips for building your best pitch in order to get in front of investors.

We'll even do two live pitch deck reviews to give you a real-world example of how to apply the theory to your story.

You'll learn:

  • The list of slides needed for your pitch deck
  • Strategies and tips behind each slide
  • An actionable plan for getting in front of investors Some simple templates for emailing investors, warm and cold
  • A chance to get your pitch deck reviewed by Ari
  • A list of resources to help you move forward

The mentors in this video

Ari Bencuya Entrepreneur and Start-up Mentor

Hi everyone! I’m a serial entrepreneur and start-up founder. I’ve started multiple companies and have had the fortune to sell a few. I’ve also been on the other side of the table as a partner at an incubator/accelerator. I’ve love talking about start-ups and solving problems. Let’s talk!

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