Create your B2B Tech/SaaS Ideal Customer Profile

Posted on 08 Nov 2021
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Know who to sell and market to

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Get a solid baseline of your right fit customers.

Tired of using dubious lists to prospect new customers?

Are you exhausting your resources by spending a lot of time on campaigns chasing prospects who don’t fully match your value proposition?

There is a smarter and faster way.

In this video we will focus on B2B Tech/SaaS with a complex offer who rely mostly on an outbound Go-to-Market (GTM) motion. It is also relevant for PLG businesses as they move to Sales-led Growth stage.

You'll learn:

  • Re(definition) of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • How to get started
  • Which data points you can use
  • Common pitfalls in ICP
  • Example of ICP creation
  • Governance and cadence of update

The mentors in this video

Zsuzsanna Ferenczi Growth Strategist | Mentor | Practitioner | Facilitator

I am a spirited, hands on business development executive. I bring 26 years global experience with a strong track record of enabling individuals and B2B businesses to find their path to sustainable growth.

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